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Why This Popeye’s Employee Trashed The Entire Restaurant Will Have You On His…

In an unexpected outburst, a fast-food worker takes matters into their own hands, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction behind.

The shocking incident happened at a Popeye’s chicken restaurant in the Chicago area, an employee went on a rampage, leaving a trail of destruction after reportedly not receiving payment for a month’s work. A viral video on TikTok captured the chaos as the fast-food joint was turned upside down by the irate employee who had been allegedly denied their hard-earned wages.

The video shows the worker wreaking havoc throughout the restaurant, emptying the cash register, cutting telephone wires, and leaving a mess in their wake.

The employee did not hold back, slashing open bags of raw chicken and scattering them across the floor before proceeding to throw food around the kitchen.

Titled “This is what happens when you don’t get paid for a month,” the video portrays the employee’s fury as they continue the rampage, upending boxes of French fries and creating a bigger mess. In a subsequent scene, the worker can be seen cracking eggs on the floor and toppling carts over.

As the employee’s anger escalated, they tossed unused buns and more raw chicken across the establishment, leaving no corner untouched. In the background, the person filming the incident can be heard exclaiming, “What in the actual f***.”

The video ends with the employee emptying the cash register and cutting the phone lines, in a final act of retaliation against the restaurant that allegedly failed to pay them for a month.

The TikTok user who posted the video commented, “My job is so ghetto,” apparently expressing frustration at the employee’s destructive actions. It’s unclear whether the person who uploaded the video was responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind at the Popeye’s.

Viewers expressed their disbelief at the incident, with one commenter questioning, “Who sticks around for a month without pay? First missed check, and I’m gone… and of course, he’s a destructive animal.”

Source: AWM

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