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Her Teen Son Was Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Not Using Trans Friendly Language, And They Are About To…

A recent incident involving a student’s refusal to use a non-binary classmate’s preferred pronouns has sparked a debate about free speech and political correctness on school campuses.

A Wisconsin middle school student is being falsely accused of sexual harassment because he did not want to comply with his classmate’s non-binary pronouns. Rosemary Rabidoux, the student’s mother, is standing up for her son against the false accusations and believes that the school district is going too far in labeling him a sexual predator, despite the fact that the boy and his friends did not use the classmate’s preferred pronouns.

Bradon and his friends did not intend to sexually harass their classmate when they did not use the non-binary pronouns, but instead, they were simply exercising their right to free speech. However, the Kiel School District has decided to levy a Title IX complaint against the boys, which is a clear example of the Democrats’ attempts to silence those who do not conform to their radical agenda.

“The KASD prohibits all forms of bullying and harassment in accordance with all laws, including Title IX,” adding that it will “continue to support ALL students regardless of sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity).”

Despite the school district’s accusations, Rosemary does not believe that her son did anything wrong and thinks that the district’s decision to file a complaint is unfounded. She argues that her son’s behavior does not constitute sexual harassment and that the accusation is nothing more than an attempt to push the Democrats’ agenda of political correctness and thought control.

“(The investigating principal) said he’s being allegedly charged with sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns. I thought it wasn’t real! I thought this has got to be a gag, a joke — one has nothing to do with the other,” Rosemary Rabidoux said to ABC4.

Rosemary is outraged that her son is being labeled as a sexual harasser when he did nothing wrong. She is also upset that the school district is punishing her son for exercising his right to free speech and refusing to conform to the Democrats’ radical agenda.

“I immediately went into shock! I’m thinking, ‘sexual harassment?’ That’s rape, that’s inappropriate touching, that’s incest,” Rosemary ranted. “What has my son done? She had been screaming at one of Braden’s friends to use proper pronouns, calling him a profanity, and this friend is very soft-spoken and kind of just sunk down into his chair.”

The district’s decision to file a Title IX complaint is just another example of the Democrats’ attempts to silence those who do not agree with them.

Rosemary’s defense of her son is not based on hatred or bigotry but on the principles of freedom of speech and individual liberty. She believes that her son has the right to express himself as he sees fit and that he should not be forced to conform to the demands of others. The Democrats’ attempts to force everyone to conform to their radical agenda is a clear violation of our constitutional rights and is a threat to our freedom.

Source: AWM

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