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This Fast Food Place Just Explained Why Their Food Is So Expensive…

In a world of seemingly affordable fast food, one popular burger chain’s unexpectedly high prices spark controversy and debate over the true value of customization and fresh ingredients.

Fast food is often thought of as a quick, inexpensive option for meals. However, some establishments charge more than others, and Five Guys burger joint is one of those places. Known for their higher prices, customers have been complaining for years, but there’s a reason behind their pricing that may not sit well with everyone.

Since its founding in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia, Five Guys has consistently charged more for their burgers than competitors like McDonald’s and Burger King. This has left many customers perplexed, with one woman even spending a staggering $74 on a Five Guys order and wondering on TikTok, “When did Five Guys become a five-star restaurant?” Well, that’s a good question.

Five Guys has addressed this issue, and according to Iain Ross-Mackenzie, Director Of Operations-APAC at Five Guys International, the higher costs can be attributed to fresher ingredients and the ability for customers to extensively customize their orders. Ross-Mackenzie also stated that Five Guys aims to provide an authentic All-American experience around the world, which means their menu remains fairly consistent across locations, unlike other fast-food chains that often change their offerings depending on the country.

The Five Guys menu is simple, consisting of four burgers, four hot dogs, and four types of sandwiches. While this may be a smaller selection than other fast-food restaurants, the customization options are vast, which can lead to increased costs. For instance, a cheeseburger costs around $7.69, while a bacon cheeseburger comes in at $8.69. Even a small order of fries costs $3.09.

With fifteen toppings available, Five Guys emphasizes customer choice. “We want to put control back in the consumer’s pocket,” Iain explained. “Nothing in the store is frozen. We only ever use fresh ingredients.” The fresh meat and hand-cut potatoes contribute to the higher costs, but the quality is apparent.

It seems that customers who are willing to pay extra for fresher ingredients and extensive customization options will find value in the Five Guys experience. As Iain put it, “People come to Five Guys for a simple, great American burger. And that’s what they will get here.”

The question remains, however, whether consumers are willing to spend more for that experience, or if they’ll opt for cheaper alternatives in the ever-competitive fast-food market.

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