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She Says It’s ‘Hot Chubby Girl Summer’ And Is Refusing To Cover Up….

Defying body-shamers and embracing her curves, a social media influencer recently went viral for boldly declaring that she would not cover up her body, ushering in a “hot chubby girl summer.” Despite any backlash, she confidently posted a video on social media, which swiftly captured the nation’s attention.

Emily Bispo, a well-known body-positive influencer recognized as “Bunny” by her fans, made headlines in June of 2022. At the age of 23, the self-described “body-positive advocate and self-love enthusiast” announced it was “hot chubby girl summer” through a video in which she relaxed by a pool. The video went viral in no time.

Featuring Bunny lounging in a black and red two-piece swimsuit adorned with flames, the video displayed a message suggesting she should cover up as it wasn’t very flattering. In response, Bunny looked directly at the camera, lifted her sunglasses, and defiantly said, “No,” before resuming her poolside relaxation.

Emily "Bunny" Bispo

Bunny declared in her viral video’s caption, “It’s hot chubby girl summer, mind ur business!” The NY Post reported that the clip quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of likes on TikTok. Bunny Bispo’s followers expressed their opinions on her natural figure and her “hot chubby girl summer” proclamation.

The majority of comments applauded the body-positivity influencer for her honesty and inspiring message.

“This makes me feel safe,” one commenter wrote, while another expressed gratitude for Bunny’s content, saying it had a significant impact on them.

Emily “Bunny” Bispo has a history of using social media to challenge body shamers, encouraging self-love and body positivity for all sizes. After battling an eating disorder and mental health issues, Bunny began documenting her recovery journey on social media, brushing off negative remarks about her figure and inspiring others to do the same.

With millions of people in the US suffering from eating disorders and depression, influencers like Emily “Bunny” Bispo serve as a much-needed source of encouragement. In contrast to many social media accounts that showcase only the best aspects of users’ lives, influencers like Bunny choose to post honest, unfiltered content that celebrates natural bodies, inspiring others to embrace self-love.

Ultimately, beauty and worth are not determined by size or shape. Those who disagree and think only slender women should share swimsuit photos on social media should keep their opinions to themselves. People of all shapes and sizes enjoy time at the beach, surrounded by diverse figures, and the same should be expected on social media platforms.

If one would not approach someone in person to tell them to cover up, they should refrain from leaving hurtful comments online. Instead, consider scrolling past without attempting to shame someone who is merely trying to enjoy life and foster a positive self-image.

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