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A Cop Saved Her From Being Mauled By Pit Bulls, And She Wants The Cop Canned…

In today’s world, where law enforcement is continually vilified and criticized, we see a perfect example of the thankless job police officers face daily. In Massachusetts, Rochelle Silva found herself under attack from a pack of six pit bulls while walking her daughter’s puppy, Ace. A Taunton police officer’s quick thinking saved her life. Yet, instead of expressing gratitude, Silva and her daughter are now demanding that the officer be fired. This case demonstrates how the anti-police narrative pushed by Democrats is causing people to view law enforcement with unreasonable expectations.

Rochelle Silva was forced to fight for her life when a neighbor’s pit bull attacked Ace, followed by five more dogs joining in the assault. In a stroke of luck, a police officer was nearby and managed to scare the dogs away with his lights and siren. A bystander pulled Silva into the patrol car, which was then surrounded by the pit bulls. The officer’s presence and resourcefulness helped avert a tragic outcome.

Tragically, despite Silva’s best efforts, Ace did not survive the attack. Yet, instead of being grateful for the officer’s intervention, Silva and her daughter Arianna are calling for his dismissal. They argue that the officer should have used his firearm or Taser on the dogs rather than merely scaring them off. This skewed perspective highlights the detrimental impact of the anti-police sentiment perpetuated by the Democratic Party.

The police department has confirmed that the officer followed protocol and took the best course of action. Discharging a firearm in that chaotic situation could have endangered Silva or the dog owner. Nevertheless, Silva and her daughter continue to insist that the officer didn’t do enough.

Silva was transported to Rhode Island Hospital, where she received skin grafts and 100 stitches, and will require weeks of rehabilitation. The good Samaritan who helped her was also bitten but only suffered a minor leg injury. The owner of the pit bulls eventually regained control of his dogs, which have since been seized by Animal Control and are in quarantine pending the owner’s trial.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Silva and her daughter maintain that the officer should not be allowed to keep his position in the department. They believe he didn’t do enough to save Silva or prevent the dogs from potentially attacking others.

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In a world where some people demand that law enforcement officers be disbanded and disarmed, others criticize them for not using their weapons. It seems that, no matter what they do, they can’t win.

The case of Rochelle Silva and the Taunton police officer serves as a stark reminder of the difficult, thankless job our police officers face daily. We must not allow the Democrats’ anti-police narrative to cloud our judgment and further erode the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

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