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The House GOP Just Came Up With A Brilliant Way Of Making Alvin Bragg Pay For His Lies…

House Republicans have taken a strong stance against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who recently pursued the case that led to former President Donald Trump’s indictment.

In response, they’ve introduced two hard-hitting pieces of legislation: the “Accountability for Lawless Violence In Our Neighborhoods Act” (ALVIN Act) and the “No Federal Funds for Political Prosecutions Act,” which are designed to challenge Bragg’s authority and cut off his funding.

The ALVIN Act aims to slam the brakes on federal funds heading to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, demanding repayment of federal funds granted after January 1, 2022.

The “No Federal Funds for Political Prosecutions Act” throws up a roadblock, preventing state or local law enforcement agencies from using certain funds to investigate or prosecute the President, Vice President, or a candidate for the office of President in a criminal case, especially when lawlessness is running wild in major American cities.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is fired up, taking Bragg to task for his “pro-crime, anti-victim policies” and accusing him of abusing his power by indicting former President Trump. Jordan is also gearing up for the Republican-led Judiciary Committee’s field hearing on April 17 in New York City, where they plan to dig into the impact of Bragg’s policies on the area and the spike in violent crime.

Even though Bragg tried to sue Jordan for “interfering” in a local prosecution, a judge for the Southern District of New York shot down the attempt to file a temporary restraining order. The DA claims that Jordan and the committee are trying to strong-arm him over the indictment.

Republicans argue that Bragg’s fixation on indicting former President Trump is distracting him from tackling the soaring crime rates in New York City. With the introduction of these two pieces of legislation, House Republicans are sending a crystal-clear message: Bragg’s actions are politically driven and a waste of federal resources.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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