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Kamala Caught On Tape In Sickening New Tantrum….

On a recent Friday evening, Kamala Harris delivered a furious and impassioned speech in Tennessee, following the expulsion of Democrat State Reps Justin Jones and Justin Pearson. The pair were accused of leading an “insurrection” at the TN Capitol the previous week, where they stormed the building with a mob of protestors, demanding gun control in response to a transgender shooter’s murderous rampage at a Nashville Christian school.

It’s worth noting that Harris didn’t feel compelled to visit Tennessee when the tragedy struck, nor did she attend any vigils for the six innocent lives lost. Instead, she chose to wait until she had the chance to grandstand on the issue of “democracy,” using the controversial actions of the two Democrat reps as her platform.

Harris’ speech was filled with contradictions and hypocrisy, as she defended the disruptive actions of the expelled representatives, claiming that democracy allows for places where “the People’s voice will be heard and honored.” Her performance was peppered with angry outbursts, as she appeared to be more concerned with the fate of the two politicians than the grieving families of the slain children.

Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator, didn’t hold back in his criticism of Harris’ selective outrage:

“She didn’t come to Nashville to attend any of the vigils for the children murdered by a trans terrorist. She didn’t come to meet with the families. Instead, she’s coming for this. These people are truly just absolute scum. Hideously wicked human beings.”

The backlash against Harris’ actions on social media was swift and fierce, as users pointed out her twisted priorities:

“Kamala Harris came to Nashville to meet the Tennessee 3 but we need to show her the 6 victims of the Covenant shooting that Tennessee actually stands with. Why do Democrats tell people that they are victims but ignore the real ones?”

Another user summed it up perfectly: “Kamala Harris’ priorities are clear: she doesn’t care about dead Christian kids.”

This incident highlights the glaring double standards and moral bankruptcy of the Democratic Party. Instead of addressing the real issues and offering comfort and support to the grieving families, Harris chose to use the tragedy as a political prop. The Democrats seem to be more interested in playing the victim card and pandering to their base, rather than tackling the root causes of violence and offering meaningful solutions to the challenges faced by the American people.

WATCH the video below for more details:

It’s high time that the Democrats take a long, hard look in the mirror and reassess their priorities. They need to start caring about real victims and their families, and not just those who fit their narrative or can be used to further their political agenda. The American people deserve better from their leaders, and we must demand accountability and genuine compassion from our elected officials, regardless of their party affiliation.

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