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She Just Admitted What She Does To By Top Dollar Designer Clothes For Her Baby…

Mom lives on $180 a week but buys her baby Louis Vuitton…

In the quaint town of Dorset, nestled in the picturesque South West of England, lived a young mother named Carissa Spark. Carissa was a single mother to her lovely little daughter, Lavinia, and she struggled to make ends meet.

To support herself and her child, she relied on the government’s assistance, receiving around $180 per week to cover essential needs such as food, shelter, water, and clothing.

Carissa Spark’s story first came to light in 2015 when a clip aired, which would later spark outrage and admiration alike. You see, Carissa had a peculiar way of spending her government handouts. Rather than using the money to improve their living conditions, she scrimped and saved every last penny, even going to the extreme of starving herself. All of this was done so she could afford to buy her precious daughter designer clothing and luxuries that a child her age could hardly appreciate.

The story of Carissa and Lavinia continued to unravel when Carissa appeared on the reality show, Blinging Up Baby. With an air of defiance, Carissa told the producers how she survived on canned soup and rationed her government handouts to ensure Lavinia could wear the finest clothes. “I like a lot of bows, a lot of frills, ribbons, anything sparkly – I’m never going to not be this way. If I had to starve myself to buy her bling, I probably would do it,” she proclaimed.

Carissa meticulously counted pennies to pay her bills and buy herself food, while the rest of her money – all the paper bills – was dedicated to adorning Lavinia in luxury clothing. “I always make sure Lavinia’s got the things she needs first. She’s got everything – it’s me that goes without things. I’ve been living off like tin soup, maybe Cup a Soups, and packet noodles,” Carissa explained.

However, the government eventually ceased its support for Carissa and Lavinia upon learning of her extravagant habits. But Carissa was not to be deterred. She took up two jobs to support herself and her daughter, still finding ways to buy them the luxuries she so desired.

WATCH the video below for more details:

The story of Carissa Spark is one that has divided opinions. Some view her actions as irresponsible and selfish, while others admire her unwavering dedication and love for her daughter. Carissa’s sacrifices allowed her to provide Lavinia with everything she believed her little girl deserved, even if it meant going without the most basic necessities herself.

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