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If You Find A Wire Tied To Your Car Door, You Need To Very Quickly…

A chilling trend on TikTok has users on high alert, warning of a sinister tactic that may be connected to kidnapping attempts. This alarming trend involves ribbons or wires being tied to car door handles, potentially distracting car owners and making them vulnerable to abduction. The TikTok community is urging people to be cautious and aware of their surroundings when they encounter such instances.

The trend came to light when TikTok user Ice.Lemon.Water posted a video showing a parked car with a string wrapped around its driver’s door handle. The user expressed concern about the possibility of kidnapping, as they captioned the post: “We thought it was a joke at first until we found the second one.”

Another TikTok user, Reece, who goes by the account AChunkyGuy, chimed in with his thoughts on this frightening trend that seems to be on the rise. He explained that people might use wire instead of ribbon because it takes longer to remove, thus distracting the car owner for a more extended period.

The disturbing logic behind this tactic is that would-be kidnapper attach ribbons or wires to car door handles, hoping to distract the car owner when they try to remove the obstruction. During this vulnerable moment, the kidnapper can approach and potentially abduct the individual, possibly with the use of a weapon.

After Ice.Lemon.Water‘s video went viral, and the user responded to Reece’s comment, stating that the tie they found in the parking lot appeared to be the type of ribbon used to tie balloons. Nonetheless, Reece urges everyone to be vigilant, warning that if they see a ribbon or wire on their car’s door handle, they should not approach the vehicle alone.

Reece said in a follow-up video, “Tactics like this are being used in the U.S. prominently. People put stuff on your car to distract you for that split second so they can grab you before you get to your car.”

Another TikTok user, Haley West, shared a video in which she noticed a water bottle left on the hood of her car. As she went to remove it, a man quickly approached her but did not manage to abduct her. Instead, he retreated into a store to hide his identity.

Reece recommends that, in such situations, people should return to the most populated area they were in and ask someone to escort them to their car. His advice resonated with many TikTok users, with one replying, “I’m very disturbed,” and another sharing their own frightening experience, saying, “This happened to me. I called my friend’s mom, who’s a cop, and it turns out there was a tracker on my car… scary.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

As this trend continues to gain attention, it is crucial for people to be aware of their surroundings and take necessary precautions when encountering any unusual objects attached to their vehicles. The TikTok community’s efforts to spread awareness about this potential kidnapping tactic may help save lives and protect people from falling victim to such heinous acts.

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