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She Was Found With Twenty Stab Wounds, And They Ruled It A Suicide Because…

The community was in shock in 2011 when Ellen Greenberg, a beloved 27-year-old teacher, was found dead in her apartment with more than twenty stab wounds on her body. Initially thought to be a homicide, the case took a surprising turn when Medical Examiner Marlon Osbourne declared it a suicide. However, new developments have led authorities to reopen the case and consider the possibility that Ellen was murdered.

Ellen’s body was discovered by her fiancé, Sam Goldberg, on January 26, 2011. She had sustained ten stab wounds to her neck and the back of her head, as well as ten more to her abdomen, stomach, and chest. The horrific scene featured a knife still embedded in her heart, believed to be the murder weapon.

Despite the gruesome nature of her injuries, authorities changed their ruling from homicide to suicide after examining the crime scene. The apartment was locked from the inside, and there were no signs of a struggle.

Sam Goldberg had to break into the apartment to find Ellen motionless on the floor. In his frantic 911 call, Goldberg described the scene, saying, “Help!… My fiancé’s on the floor with blood everywhere. I can’t see anything… there’s nothing broken… Ellie!… I think she hit her head. Oh my god! She stabbed herself… she fell on a knife… there is a knife sticking out of her heart.”

However, new evidence has cast doubt on the initial ruling. The case has been reopened, and the evidence has been handed over to the Chester District Attorney’s Office. The suspicion that the crime scene was staged to look like a suicide has gained momentum, prompting renewed scrutiny of the circumstances surrounding Ellen’s death.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht expressed his doubts about the suicide ruling, stating to Fox News Digital, “In all my years of experience, and all of the homicides that I’ve done, and suicides, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Dr. Wecht further emphasized that, based on the evidence of the knife attack, it is “highly unlikely” that Ellen took her own life.

As the Attorney General’s Office faces new allegations of withholding expert testimony and information, as well as accusations of a conflict of interest, the Chester District Attorney has taken on the responsibility of seeking the truth. Ellen’s father, Joshua Greenberg, is at the heart of the renewed investigation and remains steadfast in his belief that his daughter was murdered.

“I’m not going away,” Joshua declared to, his voice determined. “I’m going to get justice for my daughter.”

This heartbreaking story is one of grief, mystery, and the relentless pursuit of truth. As the investigation progresses, the hope is that the reexamination of evidence and the exploration of new leads will ultimately bring closure and justice for Ellen Greenberg and her grieving family.

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