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A Legal Analyst Just Revealed That Issues With Their Main Witness Could Torpedo The Trump Case….

There’s some buzz going around that the case against former President Donald Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney might be on shaky ground. Why? Well, it seems their key witness, Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, isn’t the most credible guy.

Elliot Williams, a former federal prosecutor, talked on CNN about how Cohen’s criminal past could be a problem for D.A. Alvin Bragg’s case.

Bragg is gearing up to charge Trump with paying hush money to a porn star to hide an affair. Cohen is supposed to testify about arranging the payment on Trump’s orders. But, Cohen’s a disbarred attorney who was found guilty of tax evasion and campaign finance violations in 2018. Kind of ironic, right?

Williams also wonders about the evidence Bragg has for the case. It could be old news. Last year, two deputy US attorneys quit because Bragg didn’t charge Trump. They worried it’d make his office look bad. So why does Bragg think his case is stronger now?

If Trump is charged, there’s another question: how will he face a state court? State courts usually need defendants to show up at some point. Will Trump’s lawyers ask for everything to be done remotely?

So, with Cohen’s sketchy history and the doubts about the evidence against Trump, it’s possible that the Manhattan D.A.’s case isn’t as strong as they’d like us to think. Maybe it’s just another way for the left to try to bring Trump down instead of seeking real justice. It’s about time the Democrats stop playing games and let the legal system do its job.

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