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She Said She Had A Surgery To “Save the World”, What It Was Will Absolutely…

To save the planet, one woman from San Francisco has gone to great measures that have sparked a heated debate.

The conversation about protecting our environment is more prevalent than ever, whether it’s advocating for increased recycling, less single-use plastics, or promoting vegetarianism. One woman’s ambition to rescue the earth led her to take even more extreme measures. She determined never to have children and, at the age of only 31, chose to get sterilized.

Gwynn Mackellen, a 31-year-old recycling consultant, recently appeared on the TV show “This Morning” to discuss her decision to undergo sterilization as a measure to protect the planet.

Stating, “I would feel bad bringing another person into the world,” Mackellen, who chose not to have children, expressed concern about the negative impact her offspring could have on the environment. Claiming that having a child generates a far greater and lasting impact, especially if they have children of their own, compared to other environmentally-friendly choices.

Mackellen feels her decision is responsible, emphasizing that she didn’t ask to be born, but she can take responsibility for ensuring her environmental footprint ends with her. When questioned if she considered others selfish for having children, she replied, “I don’t want to judge somebody else.”

Mackellen’s story, covered by the Daily Mail, has attracted a variety of opinions. She said that it’s the most effective way to reduce “our environmental impact”. Mackellen stressed the importance of addressing this issue, discussing the environmental benefits of having fewer children.

Some people argue that her personal choice didn’t need to be made public, with comments like, “Personal choices don’t need public reasons” and “Individual choice, what does it matter if it was due to lack of maternal instinct or otherwise. It’s absolutely none of my business, since it’s not affecting me or others.”

Others praised her responsible approach, with one commenter saying, “So what, it’s her choice. More responsible this way than leaving pregnancy to chance.” Some even cited birth rate statistics, noting that 30% of Japanese women choose not to marry or have kids, and women worldwide are following suit.

A number of commenters believe Mackellen’s decision is commendable, with one remarking,If people don’t want kids, they should be proactive in preventing pregnancy. Why make fun of her? Less unloved or resented kids being brought into the world is a positive.” Another chimed in, noting that the world is overpopulated, and Mackellen’s decision to have her tubes tied is nothing newsworthy but a good idea.

One person saw merit in both sides of the argument, stating, “I agree with some others on here that she should keep it to herself. However, she has a good point — especially with some seven billion people on this planet and the impact that the growing population has on this planet.”

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