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The CDC Just Made A Claim That PROVES It Was ALL LIES!

When it comes to COVID-19, otherwise known as the Wuhan Virus, there has been a lot of misinformation and half-truths out there:

Wear a mask.

Don’t wear a mask.

Wear just one mask.

Wear multiple masks.

Wear the whole danged box of masks.

The virus will spread on a surface.

The virus will not spread on a surface.

You should stand six feet apart.

You should only stand three feet apart.

Kids won’t be able to play sports.

Kids will be able to play sports, but only if they wear a mask.

On the other hand, professional athletes do not need to wear a mask on the field or the court, but they should do it on the sidelines.

You can sit two feet away from someone on public transportation, but once you are departing, you MUST stand six feet apart.

The virus doesn’t travel horizontally.

The virus does travel horizontally.

The vaccines are optional.

The vaccines are NOT optional, and they are the ONLY WAY to stop the spread of COVID.

We need to withhold all freedoms from Americans until they all take the vaccine (A doctor on CNN actually SAID THIS YESTERDAY)

If you are tired of the back and forth regarding the warning and retractions regarding this virus, then I have some bad news for you:

It’s not over.

Just when you thought there was no possible way they could get it wrong again, apparently they are walking something else back again. Now, the CDC is saying that the COVID vaccinations are not enough to prevent people from carrying the virus.

Yes, CDC chief Rochelle Walensky did say earlier this week that “vaccinated people are not able to carry the virus, and they don’t get sick.”

However, the CDC has now reversed course, saying that “there is no clear evidence” and Walensky was merely “speaking broadly.”

“It’s possible that some with the vaccine could get it,” a spokesman from the CDC told the New York Times.

Well, good grief! What’s the point of getting the vaccine in the first place?

Do you agree that the CDC needs to clean up their act and stick to one position? Your comments are appreciated!

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