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White House Doc ADMITS Biden’s Mental Decline Will Lead To Our Ruin…

Republican Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, who also served as the White House physician during former President Barack Obama’s tenure, has expressed grave concerns over President Joe Biden’s cognitive health. In an interview, Jackson warned that Biden’s cognitive decline was bringing the US perilously close to an “all-out war” with Russia and China.

“It’s TERRIFYING for our country that Biden is our commander-in-chief. He doesn’t know where he’s at half the time, and every day he brings us closer to an all-out war with Russia & China,” the representative said. “His cognitive decline is going to get people KILLED!!”

Rep. Jackson has not been alone in voicing concerns over the President’s cognitive state. Several incidents have raised questions over his mental acuity, including a recent speech at the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) training center where Biden appeared confused and disoriented. He laid down the microphone, picked it up again, and mumbled, “you guys over here.”

In another instance, the President struggled to read words from a teleprompter. In July, during an interview with Fox News, Rep. Jackson had called into question the President’s cognitive abilities and discussed what could be causing his struggles.

“There were signs that Joe Biden was declining during the 2020 campaign. He stayed in the basement the whole time during the campaign,” Rep. Jackson said during the interview. “Who’s running the White House right now, and are they covering up for these mental issues?” he asked.

The Representative further added that there were drugs available that could increase alertness and memory, which could temporarily cover up cognitive issues. He criticized Biden’s physician for not taking the same questions he faced when he was serving as President Trump’s physician.

Jackson also highlighted that the Obama Administration should have done something about Biden’s cognitive decline. He believes they ignored the issue and populated the West Wing with Obama folks who he said thought the risk was worth it to get their people back into the West Wing.

Former President Donald Trump also echoed similar concerns over Biden’s cognitive abilities, calling Biden “hopeless” and stating that he was leading the US into oblivion.

“World War III is looming, like never before, in the very dark and murky background. ‘Leadership’ is solely responsible for this unprecedented danger to the USA, and likewise, the world,” Trump said on his TruthSocial account.

Rep. Jackson and other conservative figures have expressed concerns over President Biden’s cognitive abilities and believe that his mental decline is a grave threat to national security. They have also criticized the Obama Administration and Biden’s physician for not taking his cognitive decline seriously. Meanwhile, former President Trump has warned that the US is in the most dangerous time in its history, and the current leadership is leading the country to oblivion.

Source: ConcervativeBrief



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