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BROKEN GLASS EVERYWHERE: Her Revenge For Getting FIRED Has To Be Seen To Be Believed… [PHOTOS]

Evelin Roldán, a 25-year-old woman from Rafaela, Argentina, has been arrested after she went into a fit of rage and smashed all the wine bottles in the Polo Supermarket where she had worked.

The incident occurred after her managers fired her from her job, a decision that she didn’t take kindly. During the heated confrontation that followed, the owners called the police. Before the cops arrived, Evelin took out multiple shelves of wine bottles, throwing them across the aisle and onto the ground. She wanted to cause as much damage as possible after receiving the news that she was no longer employed at the grocery store.

Evelin later stated that the video captured only a part of what occurred that day in the store. She claimed that the discussion became so confrontational that she was “blinded by anger,” that she “could barely contain her anger.” Evelin added that she was in a “state of rage” after being fired and that the damage she caused was hardly compared to the treatment she received while working at the store.

She stated that she experienced “injustices” while working at the establishment, accepting the “mistreatment, challenges, being put down, and even ‘slaps’ or insults.” According to Evelin, her boss fired her without justification and refused to give her a reason for her dismissal. Despite recognizing that she was wrong to cause so much damage, Evelin explained that her actions were a result of the unjust treatment she received at the grocery store.

Evelin plans to take legal action against her former employer, although it’s not yet clear what form that will take. She hopes to have a chance to tell the “other side of the conflict,” as she claims that they only shared “videos and incomplete information, pretending to be totally unaware of what happened.” Evelin stated that she is a “good employee, respectful, always available,” and that she did her work “with great enthusiasm,” from cleaning floors to cutting cold cuts or serving a box.

The incident has garnered attention from local media outlets, who obtained a statement from Evelin after the incident. She stated that the destruction of the store was the result of many things playing against her when she reacted.

Evelin explained that “injustices are sometimes not seen on the other side.” She wanted people who saw the video to know that there are many things behind such a big nervous breakdown, and not to judge her too harshly based on that one-moment of outburst.

WATCH the video below:

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