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ALERT: Is Melania About To Leave Donald Trump To…..

According to a CNN report, former First Lady Melania Trump is establishing a post-White House office in Palm Beach, Florida, to continue her “Be Best” campaign. However, the former FLOTUS‘ moves, according to a relationship expert who told another outlet could be “preparatory steps” to set up her separation from the former President.

Divorce rumors have been circulating for several years, but Melania has been unable to act on them due to her position as first lady, but now that Melania has made it clear that she wants her own office space, relationship experts see this as a sign that she is making headway toward a divorce from the former president.

Relationship experts fear that Melania may be moving on with her life now that Trump is no longer in power.  As she rebranded her social media profiles with her new office title, experts are concerned that it “could well be preparatory steps for explaining to Donald that she’d like to separate.”

The “Be Best” campaign, is a broad, three-pronged initiative that looks to help children in terms of their health and well-being, their safety online, and the prevention of social media bullying, as well as the impact of the opioid crisis on children, was launched during Melania Trump’s time in the White House, as reported by CNN, which cited two sources familiar with her plans.

However, Melania’s interest in continuing the campaign could be a move that can be interpreted as “preparations for a separation”, Louisa Whitney of the LKW Family Mediation said. The relationship expert said:

“Melania’s wish for a separate office could well be preparatory steps for explaining to Donald that she’d like to separate – she might be seeking to set up a role for herself that builds on the work she did as First Lady.”

 “She might also want to be setting up an identity for herself in her own right. It can be hard, I think, for anyone separating to establish themselves as just that person rather than part of a couple – especially if their partner was more high-profile, more outgoing, or better-known than them.”

Melania seems eager to “forge her own path” separate from her husband, as another relationship expert, Tina Wilson, the founder of the Wingman app, agrees with Whitney.

Wilson said, “As the former first lady, Melania has been under the microscope for the last four years, being analyzed, criticized, loved, and hated as she has stood by Donald, who has reveled in the attention. She now has the opportunity to create her own space, choose her own work, and shape her own public persona. By having a separate office to her spouse, she is stating loud and clear, ‘I’ve done my duty and need some me-time, so back off.’”

“Melania appears to want to forge her own path, and it is a deliberate act of separating their business activities. It would be easier to keep her office in the same building as Donald’s, so the move to seek an ‘outside work space’ signals her to strive for independence and freedom. Time will tell whether this is just for her career or If there is more behind the scenes going on. The constraints of public office are now gone, and the shackles from Donald have been sawn off. Perhaps we will even see a smile from Melania,” She continued.

Sources: AWM, DailyStar, CNN

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