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He Saw A Woman Being Beaten By Her Man, What This Trucker Did Is Pure Justice…

Many activists speak out against the pervasive social problem of gender-based violence with the intention of putting an end to the abhorrent practice. This is exactly the case of a waffle house diner in America who saw a fellow customer verbally and physically abuse his female companion.

The Good Samaritan who is a mountain of a man decided to act after seeing a cowardly man abuse a helpless woman at a Waffle House. And it was all captured on video, how this big truck driver destroyed the woman’s beater.

The confrontation at a Waffle House is shown in the first moments of the incident’s footage. At first, it is unclear what the confrontation was all about. But a couple of seconds later, the issue becomes clear as the bigger man, who is a truck driver shouts at the woman beater: “You touch her again, and you will be my mother f**king breakfast.”

A big trucker confronts a cowardly woman beater at a Waffle House

 The ‘big man’ took offense when this coward beat on a woman, after witnessing the woman beater who yelled at his wife/girlfriend and started to choke her right there in the Waffle House. The not-so-gentle giant approached the woman beater, screaming obscenities at the visibly frightened smaller black male.

Warning the coward that using violence against a lady is not the best way to make your point, and if the loser ever tries it again, the large gentleman will personally beat him severely.

As could be observed, things got physical when he chose to rough up the woman beater in order to get his point through clearly. As the incident took place inside a packed Waffle House, and the footage shows the big man getting more and angrier.

The woman batterer’s pal eventually got up, which seemed to give his companion more confidence. The two little men then stood atop the restaurant equipment and pointed guns at the man.

Well, to put it mildly, the large guy didn’t seem to be scared by their threats.

The big man even responds:

“Shoot me, mother f**ker. Shoot me. It won’t be the first time.”

The veteran was visibly concerned by the abusive behavior, as evidenced by the abundance of profanity and foul language throughout the encounter.

The other customers began to back away after receiving the shock of their lives. The argument ended when the man left the restaurant when the veteran released his hold on his shirt after repeatedly telling him to stand up and fight. His friend simply responded, “He’s good, he’s good.”

If you hit a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself and addressed. More men like these are needed; men who will risk their lives to uphold the morality of their actions. It’s good to see that this man received a big public censure for his acts, even though it’s highly unlikely that he’s finished hurting women.

We need more “big men” like this who are prepared to defend others and uphold morality no matter how risky it may be.

Our hero is this truck driver. He served in the Gulf War, as his wife said.

It’s comforting to see that this coward suffered the ideal public shame for his acts, even though it’s unlikely that he will stop hurting women.

I hope he realized the error of attacking women. I’m hoping he’ll think twice before repeating it. If he does it in front of another guy, he could not get along with him as well.

And for the friend that stood up for the woman beater, he’s probably a violent bully as well. As the saying says, “birds of a feather…flock together.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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