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OUCH! His Marriage Proposal Got Him Slapped In The Face In Front Of A Packed Stadium….

People should really know what to expect from their significant others when proposing especially in a public setting like a baseball game.

At a recent baseball game, what was meant to be a heartwarming, intimate moment turned into anything but a dramatic turn; just like any other day, a stunning woman attended a sporting event with her boyfriend; they attended the Toronto Blue Jays versus Boston Red Sox game at the Rogers Center. However, things didn’t go quite as planned after the man proposed to his girlfriend,  the marriage proposal took an unexpected turn when the man revealed a red Ring Pop in the box instead of the anticipated diamond ring.

You can hear the man telling his lovely girlfriend, “I love you,” in the video. The woman is obviously pretty delighted to learn that she might be getting engaged soon as he kneels down on one knee. As the dropped down on one knee and pulled the unassuming box from his back pocket while everyone, including the fans and the official MLB video crew, knew what was going on and had their phones and cameras pointed at the couple. But the man absolutely messes up the “special moment” with his practical joke when he gives the woman a Ring Pop candy instead of an actual engagement ring, shocking her in all the wrong ways.

She then slaps her boyfriend across the face while saying, “what the f–-k is wrong with you?” 

She proceeds to toss her drink at him before telling her boyfriend, “f–-k you!” as gasps of spectators take over the stadium.

Social media users who saw the footage, however, speculated that the man may have actually had a real ring in his pocket. They believed he wasn’t a complete jerk and had the genuine engagement ring ready to go after pulling the foolish prank on his beloved fiancee in front of thousands of strangers on the big screen because they noticed what appeared to be a ring box in his pocket.

One social media user wrote, “See his pocket when he stands up, though. Looks like he may actually have a ring, and the whole thing was a joke.”

But the majority supported the woman when it came to comments on social media. “I’m with her! It was embarrassing for her, especially with all the media! He ruined one of the most special moments in a couple’s lifetime. She was so excited to see what he was going to propose… After seeing the $1 candy pop, she was hurt and completely devastated,” said one user.

However, some men thought the woman overreacted, with one saying, “You’re crazy if you think the guy is at blame.”

 “I get that she didn’t like this, but it’s no reason to slap him across the face. Especially in front of thousands,” while another added.

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