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A Pilot Walked Up To An Elderly Passenger, What He Did Next Forced Tears From Her Eyes….

Being a highly emotional person doesn’t mean you cry all the time, or you’re always upset, but you do feel things more deeply and respond more to your emotions.

Those who are highly emotional are very aware of their feelings and, as much as they may want to or try to suppress their feelings, they can’t. It also doesn’t mean that you’re “crazy” or exaggerate everything.

And for an elderly woman break down in tears because of a pilot that made headlines after approaching her. It happened on a United Airlines flight back in January 2021.

Have you ever been on a plane where the captain or flight attendants announce something special during the flight? When you’re flying, the pilot may have some kind of “special passenger” on board. Of course, these occurrences are usually intended for passengers who are celebrating a birthday on that day, or for frequent flyer members.

Well, you’re about to witness, a video of the beautiful moment that was shared on YouTube by Michelle A when the pilot felt compelled to express his appreciation for the senior citizen.

In the now-viral YouTube video, a woman who recorded the video wanted to show the world how this United Airlines captain honored her mother for her lifetime. Looks like they were raised well and they decided that day is “payback time.” They set up a surprise on their flight and her mom was clueless about it. According to the video, their mom was a Capital Airlines flight attendant for 60 long years. She had to quit her beloved job in the airline (before merging with United Airlines) to take care of her three lovely children.

Her daughter thought it was vital to publicly recognize the old woman’s accomplishment because she formerly worked for Capital Airlines, the carrier that merged with United Airlines all those years ago.

She then started to record the whole thing. My mom was a Capital Airlines (merged with United Airlines) flight attendant 60 years ago. She left the airlines to raise three children,” the daughter of the surprised woman said.

“My brother is the oldest, and he followed in her footsteps as a United Captain. This week, we surprised her with her very first flight with him as the plane’s captain. It was a great moment for our family!” the daughter continued.

However, it came out that the flight’s captain had a special bond with the elderly passenger. When the pilot made an announcement and asked, “If you were a Capital Airlines stewardess, would you mind raising your hand?”

Their mom’s priceless reaction was caught on camera as she raised her hand. The proud mother received rounds of applause from the other passengers before the camera quickly switched over to the aisle and the pilot was moving in their direction.

Michelle’s mom then began to cry.I think I’m going to cry,” she said.

“Because your son would like to say you’re the greatest mom ever,” the pilot (her son) announced.

She wasn’t able to hold her emotions back. Things became clearer as to why she was crying. He followed in their mom’s footsteps and became a United Airlines pilot.

He gave his mom the warmest hug and sealed it with a kiss then said, “Love you”, to which his mom responded, You had the greatest dad ever!”

Those seated beside them added, “His father was a pilot,” looks like it’s indeed a family of flyers, right?”

Although the gesture may not be the loudest expression of love, it undoubtedly does.

Thousands of people expressed their gratitude for the wonderful moment of celebration in touching comments on YouTube. Here are some of the comments:

“Life’s too short not to say how you feel about your parents. I have the utmost respect for this Captain/son to do this for your mom. I lost my mom way too soon to cancer, so this means everything to me.”

“Well that’s a responsible mother who knew how to raise a kid. God bless her and him.”

“What a good son.”

 “The mother did a great job raising him.”

It was indeed a surprise of a lifetime to be flying with one of your children, not as a co-passenger though, but as a pilot.

Watch the video below:

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