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They Laughed When He Said He Was From The Future, Then His Predictions Started Coming True…

Although 2016 was a contentious year, with Hillary Clinton losing the presidency against the popular Republican Donald Trump, things have only gotten worse in the years since, as Drew Curtis hinted. Back in 2015, Twitter user Drew Curtis made a bold statement – fast forward to today and it seems he may have been right all along.

Curtis made headlines in 2015 when he claimed to be a “time traveler from 2020” and added that you should “enjoy 2016” because “it’s as good as it gets for a while.”

Curtis shared that although he had been joking about the original post, he retweeted the same post on May 1, 2020, reminding everyone that he “predicted” how bad things were going to get. Curtis, who started the news website Fark, uses his assertion that he has traveled through time to demonstrate his superior knowledge of you.

And as a result of his eerily accurate prediction, Curtis has now become very popular on the app TikTok. Many online users have flocked to Curtis asking questions regarding the pandemic as well as other various thoughts about the future in hopes of receiving some optimistic answers.

Curtis revealed that things will have to return to normal while conducting safe measures in regard to the pandemic. He also predicted that The United States has fallen into anarchy under Trump as the country experiences the greatest economic downturn since, well, the Great Depression almost a century ago. Gun violence has increased dramatically, as have incidents of police brutality, intensified hate crimes, and racism.

But around the time of the general election in November, according to Curtis, things will “get better.”

He predicted that the second growth in cases will be seen within the year 2020, which will force many states to have a second lockdown. “States will open up to soon and have to close down again,” he answered in response to an individual who wants things to be normal by July.

Curtis however has freely acknowledged that he is not a true time traveler and that he merely uses his computer talents to predict the future.

“I run a news aggregation website, and reading everything keeps me a step ahead,” Curtis explained.

Conspiracy theorists are taking Curtis’ new message at face value and counting on him being right once more because he was fairly accurate the prior time, with one TikTok user asking, “Anyone else freaked out by this.”


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