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They Laughed At Them When They Were Told They Lived In A “Yurt”, Then They All Looked Inside…

Being able to reside in a home that you have constructed is always fulfilling.

You must be prepared on all fronts before deciding to take on the challenge of building your own home, including intellectually, physically, and financially. Speaking about these traits, Zach and Nicole appear to possess all of them.

Moving to a big city in the US can get expensive, so to avoid the high city costs, Zach Both and Nicole Lopez decided to do something different.

In April 2019, the couple settled into a circular tiny home known as a yurt, which is 730 square feet in size and made of poles and cloth. It is located on a small island just outside Portland, Oregon. They have been living in their yurt full-time for the past few months and blogging about their experience at Do it Yourself.

What is a Yurt? It is a temporary, spherical tent with a felt or skin covering. Although some nomadic groups also utilize it as a place to live, it can be used for travel. There are a number of yurts that can be utilized as either temporary or permanent residences.

Think of the yurt as the forerunner of the modern tent. The more mobile tribes that traversed Central Asia have historically employed them. Originally, they were intended to be quickly disassembled, especially if the community needed to move. They are among the earliest types of housing still in use today, albeit with minor variations, from ancient civilizations.

Although they have a circular construction, yurts are put together similarly to tents. They are solidly constructed and may provide more than adequate buildings even in severe weather. Since they are often composed of natural materials, they also have a lower carbon imprint.

When compared to the number of building materials required in its construction, the circular shape helps to provide more internal space.

Though they are traditionally thought of as shelters, they have since been converted into restaurants, glamping sites, and even modern offices. Because of the increased interior space, they are also becoming a popular choice among the tiny home community.

There are even some national parks and campgrounds that rent out yurts to anyone who wants to try them out. It is a good way to bring the inhabitants closer to the earth, and retreat centers commonly use them as part of spiritual practices. Sweat lodges are an example of this.

Zach and Nicole’s lovely yurt house is located in Portland, Oregon. They have successfully combined traditional yurt design and materials with modern interior design and materials. The overall output and efficiency of all the house’s components are exactly what you need in a living space.

Zach claims that throughout the early stages of the construction process, they received assistance from their closest friends and family members.

In fact, he acknowledged that when the project first began, purchasing land was out of their price range, so they looked for a place to rent instead. He also mentioned in his interview that “there was virtually nothing” when he arrived at the place.

He literally started from scratch.

You can take a tour of the magnificent yurt and discover how Zach and Nicole were able to adapt this antiquated design for contemporary living in the YouTube video from Living Big in a Tiny Home.

“This incredible small home is a completely contemporary, modern take on the traditional yurt. With a diameter of 30ft (9meters), this beautiful home has it all and is packed full of some wonderfully unique design features,” The video description reads.

Hard work really paid off for the couple because they’re able to achieve turning a traditional yurt into a posh-looking house that they can definitely call “home”.

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