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He Almost Died And Came Back, His Message From Jesus Will Make…..

As we continue to face uncertain days due to a series of unfortunate events that might have happened in our life, we often doubt God and ask why God allowed this to happen.

Julie Kemp had seen hard days, especially after a terrible car accident that took her husband Andy’s life, and landed their 8-year-old son, Landon Whitley, in a coma due to head trauma.

One Sunday morning in 1997, Julie Kemp, her husband Andy, and their son, Landon, were driving home from church when their car was struck by an ambulance at an intersection. Unfortunately, Andy died instantly, but the first responders were able to resuscitate and stabilize Julie.

But what they failed to realize was that there was a third passenger in the car with life-threatening injuries.  

“They couldn’t see his [Landon] body because of the damage that was done to the driver’s side of the car and Landon was sitting behind his dad,” Julie said. “When they pulled Landon out from the back of the car, he was not breathing. And they all started working on him right away to bring him back.”  

Taken to a trauma hospital in North Carolina, Landon died and was revived by doctors, twice. Hooked up to every machine imaginable, with his head opened up to release swelling on his brain and bruises and cuts everywhere, the prognosis for the young child did not look promising, assuming he made it at all.

But his mother, devastated by the loss of her husband and recovering from her own injuries, wouldn’t give up, not even when doctors cautioned her that Landon would likely never mature mentally, should he survive the terrible accident.

But comas are a strange thing, as medical literature has documented many times. While most people would have had a traumatic brain injury, usually irreversible, Landon suddenly woke up after two weeks and stunned the entire medical team by showing no signs of brain damage whatsoever.

During his time in a coma, Landon had a private meeting with Jesus, who gave him information and a message that he wanted Landon to bring to the entire world so more people could rise into the Kingdom of Heaven.

“I looked but never saw what he was yelling at. I didn’t spot the ambulance approaching us, but all I could recall was that he was yelling. That was the last thing that I heard from him,” Julie said.

Even in this happy and emotional moment, Julie knew that she had to inform Landon about his father.

“Do you know where dad is at?” she asked him.

“Yes, I know where he’s at. I saw him in heaven,” Landon replied. “I just want people to realize that Jesus is real, there is a heaven, there are angels. And to follow his word and the Bible, and life does get better at the end.”

According to AWM, many people across the country find Landon’s words to be inspirational.

“I have no doubt about his experience! I have been with dying family members and had similar experiences,” one All That’s News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“I did not make it to heaven, but I walked with four angels towards a hand reaching down in a beam of pure light. It was so peaceful. It really is true the peace of the tribe surpasses all understanding,” another wrote.

“I know heaven is!! That’s where my husband is, and I will see him again! I thank Jesus for his love and mercy,” another added.

“I have suffered a lot in my life. Many of the experiences I’ve gone through seemed so unfair, and I haven’t been able to find a purpose in my life. Yet I’ve always believed that Jesus is real since I was a little boy. It’s like my soul has just always known how true it is. Therefore, I’ve never needed any proof or could lose faith in him,” another reader commented, All That’s News reported. “I have never allowed my unhappiness to cause me to lose faith…even though I still struggle with depression, I love Him. And I know that I always will no matter what.”

Watch the amazing story here: 700club/Youtube

Sources: AWM, CBN

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