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The Owner Of A “Sexy Summer Camp” Has Been Forced Into Hiding Due To…

One Kentucky-based virtual sexual education taught the kids how to masturbate, obtain an abortion, and have sex while they are on drugs.

Sexy Sex Ed puts on workshops that they say “compels teenagers and people of all ages to openly discuss personal and political consent, sexual safety, and anatomy. Using visual & performance art, open dialogue, and popular education methods, Sexy Sex Ed fills a vital gap in reproductive education as a creative, cultural healing solution in rural Appalachia.”

The Sexy Summer Camp, put on by Sexy Sex Ed, was held in July and August of last year on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

City Journal writer and prolific foil to Critical Race Theory and other harmful public school curricula, Christopher Rufo, found out what went on at this camp last summer and shared it with the world with a handful of tweets.

The tweets showed an itinerary for the “Sexy Sex Ed” summer camp that was held during July and August last year somewhere in “rural Appalachia.” The camp which would convene on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the course of the two months had various workshops. Among them were “Sex with ME – Self-pleasure workshop,” “Sexy Trans Sex Ed,” “Self-Managed Abortion Info Share” and “Sex On Drugs.”

The itinerary described “Sex On Drugs” as a workshop dedicated to exploring the “nuances of engaging in sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs.” Why kids of “all ages” should be exposed to any of that is beyond us? This is horrific and disgusting in every possible way.

Tanya Turner founded the Sexy Sex Ed camp in 2012. Her hope was to educate rural children about the real world of sex because they were not getting a good sexual education from their schools.

Video posted to Twitter by journalist Christopher Rufo revealed Turner saying that she recommends teaching masturbation to people at a very young age.

“That’s how we should, you know, like, get down with yourself, explore your own body. Masturbation is really healthy, and I recommend it to people of all ages. All ages. As soon as my nephews could talk, they were doing that, that’s what they were doing. Kids touch themselves. Kids start to ask questions and we teach them the language for their bodies, right?” Turner said.

Watch the disgusting video below:


Rufo’s research also indicated that this woman identifies as a “witch.” So yeah, this lady needs a meeting with Child Protective Services and an exorcist ASAP.

Honestly, this is one of the most shocking incidences of child grooming we’ve probably ever encountered. Though for some reason Turner and her band of child abusers think parents are going to pay upwards of “$500” to send their kids here. Yep. Those that pay for this should all have their kids put in foster care.

Rufo noted that as soon as word got about this camp went viral on social media, Sexy Sex Ed’s website started scrubbing its information. Interesting, even they seem to have a hunch that what they’re doing is demonic and evil.

Sources: AWM, CityJournal.Org

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