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RFK Jr. Just Issued A Major Warning About The Left’s Plan To Abolish Beef….

Supporters of fake food, the leftists, promote the idea it creates a sustainable food source. But the process is more about creating a financial windfall for those who own it or invest heavily, enabling some to control populations through central production and distribution of food.

All of a sudden Democrats want everyone in the US worshiping at the climate altar while shoving their “Green New Deal” down America’s throat. From expensive electric cars to eating bugs and everything in between…well, it’s the left’s expertise.

And now, in their quest to go green, they started this new “plant-based meat” craze. They market these “meat alternatives” as if they’re this amazing, healthy substitute for eating “evil/terrible” meat. But is that actually true? No. It’s not. 

According to The Conversation report:

“Plant-based meats are often high in sodium, ultra-processed, and not any healthier than the meat they imitate. Meanwhile, nearly half of the consumers think they are more nutritious. So if your resolution is related to health, you may want to reconsider switching to a plant-based diet if it involves plant-based meat.

The Impossible Burger, for example, is an impressive meat-free mix of soy, potato proteins, coconut, and sunflower oils. It even bleeds like the real thing. At the same time, its calorie count and saturated fat levels mirror a McDonald’s quarter-pounder patty, and it has six times more sodium.”

Wayne Dupree reported:

A nutrition professor at Harvard had this to say about the plant-based “meat” alternatives: “Some of those products, even though they contain high amounts of plant-based protein, may also contain unhealthy ingredients, such as high amounts of sodium or unhealthy fats,” he said. “Being plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthier.”

But does this go deeper than just a few climate change nutbags trying to get everyone to become vegetarians? Well, according to Robert Kennedy Jr. it goes deeper. Much, much deeper, and he has a dire warning about what’s coming with this “plant-based meat” craze.

“Once living animals are eliminated and replaced with patented plant-derived alternatives, private companies will effectively control the food supply in its entirety, and those who control the food control the people,” Kennedy Jr. said in a tweet.

This is such a powerful and true line: those who control the food control the people.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“When food is abundant & affordable, people cannot be controlled. When food is a scarcity, people will surrender to those who control it.”

“Real food includes all the blueprints and instructions the body utilizes to understand at every level what that food is capable of. Did they provide these blueprints or instructions in the designer imposter foods? This looks allot like every other shady knockoff sold from trunks.”

“This stuff just sits in the meat fridge at the supermarket until it expires and is then thrown away.”

“Why is Bill Gates buying up all the farm land? So he can push his Climate Change propaganda on you and force you to eat fake meat. Bill Gates is also pushing the electric car propaganda in the “Inflation Reduction Act” aka the NewGreen Deal”.”

“Learning how to garden is a must before it’s too late. You can even do a little gardening indoors if you don’t have property.”

“Do not surrender…this is the end game.”

“Our bodies can’t digest this poison”

One thing is clear about this report, the promoters care only about Money, Not ‘Sustainability.’ you and me, we’re just the suckers and guinea pigs in this huge and very dangerous money-making scheme.


Sources: WayneDupree, The Conversation

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