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A Prankster Tried To Mess With His Daughter At Target, And She Let Him Have It…

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, pranks are not for everyone. I, for one, am prank averse and I feel like it’s a safe bet to guess that one little girl will grow up to be a prank hater too, after the scary experience she recently had at Target.

While on a family outing to Target, a “mannequin prank” went wrong when a young girl attempted to sit on a “mannequin.” Not only did the girl lose it, but so did her mother.

It was all captured on a TikTok video that has gone viral with over 19M views to date.

The video, which was posted by TikTok user @TugRuckless, shows a person dressed up in a white morph suit pretending to be a mannequin. He is sitting next to a real mannequin in the children’s clothing section.

The  “mannequin prank” went downhill when a young girl walked over to the prankster and tried to sit on him, thinking he was really a mannequin.

“I wanna sit,” she can be heard saying.

Immediately, the man in the costume “came to life” and stopped her from sitting, saying “whoa whoa whoa.” 

I’m sure you know where this is going. The child was very scared, so she backed away and sat down on the floor in front of her father and started to cry. Her mom then went over to see what happened and then saw that there was another man filming.

“That’s rude,” the child’s mother is heard saying in the video. “Y’all are wrong for that. F**k y’all.” The clip ends with the person dressed as a mannequin being asked to leave the store by an employee.

The family left the scene and got away from the pranksters before anything worse could happen. But before the pranksters could get away, a Target employee approached the group and asked them both to leave the store immediately.

“What you mean?” the man who was dressed as a mannequin said. “I was just sitting here with my cousin.” He pointed to another mannequin to make a joke out of the entire ordeal that left the little girl traumatized.

“Can’t have you playing,” the Target employee confirmed.

Watch the video below:

The majority of folks online thought the prank was in bad taste and questioned why the pranksters set up the act in Target’s children’s section. “Why were you at the toddler section in the first place?” one asked.

“Honestly though… choosing to sit in the children’s section probably wasn’t the smartest decision,” another agreed.

Over on Twitter, there was a major backlash against TikTok “culture”. “TikTok has y’all scaring/bothering innocent people for laughs + it’s phucking weird,” one tweeted. “It’s very weird how much onus is being placed on the child sitting at target…like??” another wrote.

Source: AWM

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