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There’s Something McDonald’s Employees NEVER Want You To Order…

After McDonald’s decided to remove this food from the chain’s menu a few years ago — some employees seem pretty happy about it.

But why?

That’s because, according to one viral video, McDonald’s Premium McWrap was the “most complicated” order for workers to fulfill.

The video comes from user Stephen Patula (@patulafamilymcdonalds). Patula, who works for his family’s McDonald’s franchise, runs a popular TikTok page where he answers viewers’ burning questions about the fast-food chain.

It’s ‘literally awful to make’ the employee griped on TikTok. Yikes! The workers say that the Premium McWrap is a McDonald’s workers’ worst nightmare. Here’s everything you need to know about this Mickey D’s specialty item from hell.

While fans of the sandwich did not want to see it go, insiders who worked at McDonald’s locations when it was still offered the claim that it was booted from the menu for one simple reason – it was too hard for minimum-wage employees to make.


In his words, the Premium Mcwrap is “literally awful to make.” We can see why. While the wraps “tasted awesome” (his words, not ours), they took a long period of time to make.

This is obviously not ideal if you are someone who works at a fast-food restaurant. Time is always going to be of the essence in these instances.

“When COVID first happened, McDonald’s limited their menu to make operations a little bit easier. So, right now, there is nothing really too complicated,” Patula said in the viral video. “But back in the day, those premium wraps were literally awful to make. They tasted awesome. They were just so complicated and time-consuming to make.”

“It’s the McWrap I’m talking about, not the snack wraps. The McWrap wasn’t difficult to make, just time-consuming to stuff it in the tiny box.”

Hundreds of other people left comments on Patula’s video. The following were highly rated.

“Premium wraps have been off the menu for years now.”

“I just miss the crispy chicken ranch snack wrap,” wrote one sorrowful TikTok user.

“Wait, the wraps were complicated? The only difference from a burger was wrapping a tortilla instead of closing up the bun.”

“I mean, that is true (as a former McDonald’s employee), but the wraps were so good. I miss the wraps.”

“What’s the most efficient way to order a quarter pounder with cheese without cheese? Every time I do that in the drive-thru, it throws everybody off.”

Commenters assured the person to “order a quarter hamburger, or at least that’s what we do.” She continued to explain, “It’s a separate option on our menu screens.”

Thanks to a viral video from Stephen Patula, it is now clear that McDonald’s got rid of their Premium McWrap because it was the “most complicated” item someone could order on the McDonald’s menu. 

I think I speak for all of us when I say that fast food should be fun and not the nightmare Patula described!

Source: AWM

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