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When They Found A Dead Deer, Then They Cut It Open; and Saw It’s A 1-In-A-Billion Find [PHOTO]

Hunting deer is very common, but there is one deer who stand out from the rest. A Utah deer was cut open after it was killed on the hunt.

The hunters found what made this deer remarkable.

This deer is one of a kind because of its rib cage. If you look closer you will notice the rib cage is special.

Utah Conservation Officers uploaded a photo where you can see that the deer has a rib cage with an arrow in it. Apparently, a missile hit the deer years ago remained inside the animal’s body. The bone of the deer grew and included the arrow on its structure.

The photo has a caption: “Take a close look at this, absolutely amazing! This deer was shot several years prior and when they dressed it out they found this! Someone shot the deer years prior, but it wasn’t a fatal shot. It broke off a few ribs and the arrow broke off, the deer’s body used the arrow as a splint and the bone grew around the shaft (notice the Bear Razorhead)!”

Robert Stegall whose father shoots the deer uploaded the photo.

The post did not give much detail on how the deer was captured. It is impressive that Stegall’s father has taken down a remarkable deer.

The Facebook post already had 42,00 likes and it was shared more than 52,000 times.  The post has received a different reaction from the social media user. It seems to like not everyone likes the post. There are also haters who posted the following comment:

“Many doesnt aggre with this lousy news. They just dont say a word…Anyway keeping wild animals in ZOO sounds unfavorable for them..How much more keeping their HEADS on their DECORATED pretty WALL…”

“Poor animal .. what every hunter should pretend is that the animal suffers as little as possible .. therefore today there is the technology and materials to make the projectiles; Arrows, ammunition, etc. can degrade after a time inside the body of the animal, without causing a pain such as this deer must have suffered. They should also be mandatory in places where hunting is allowed ..”






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