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Sick Thieves In California Just Took Off With 100 Million In Jewels In A Robbery Straight Out Of The Movies!

Rampant crime continues in Democrat-controlled cities across the country due to many DAs’ soft-on-crime policies. The latest on the list are those robbers who stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry in the crime haven of California.

In Biden’s America, criminals have been emboldened like never before. From petty crime to violent assaults, and even murder, all forms of crime are being committed at record-breaking rates.

According to the New York Post, the criminals pulled off a shocking “Italian Job”-style heist, stealing up to $150 million in jewels from a Brink’s armored truck. Authorities said the driver of the truck was driving from one convention show to another when the thieves stole the jewelry.

The incident occurred in northern Los Angeles County on the morning of July 11 as the jewelry was traveling in a Brink’s armored truck from a trade show in San Mateo on July 10, near the Bay Area, to Pasadena.

The FBI is investigating the robbery nearly one week after the crime took place.

An FBI spokeswoman noted that the truck had nearly made it to its destination when it was robbed. The criminals stole the jewelry in the desert city of Lancaster.

A spokesperson for Brinks disputed the total value of the jewelry that was stolen, claiming the amount to be worth closer to $10 million than $100 million.

Swanson disagreed, arguing that the value could actually be closer to $150 million because small business vendors underinsure their goods in order to save money – a decision that could seriously backfire as many of the vendors had their entire livelihoods stolen.

Swanson explained:

“That’s where the discrepancy comes in. These are mom-and-pop operators. They’re devastated. Some of these people have lost their entire livelihoods.”

The jewels were last seen at a trade show at the San Mateo event center last weekend. They were stolen out of a Brink’s truck in Northern Los Angeles County.

The jeweler did not want to reveal his name, but he said that selling jewelry is how he lives.

“My life — that’s how I live, that’s how I feed my kids … You’re looking at 19-karat yellow gold with over 100 carats of multicolored sapphire,” the jeweler said of some of his items. “Sunday, you had merchandise. Today, you don’t have anything.”

The Gateway Pundit commented further:

Very few places have been hit as hard as the Marxist havens that are San Francisco and Los Angeles, which have been terrorized by a spate of smash-and-grab robberies, follow-home burglaries, assaults, and organized retail crime, thanks to leftist policies that promote lawlessness and hamper law enforcement.

These ‘defund the police’ agendas have allowed criminals to operate and organize largely unchecked, which has led to criminals taking bigger, more sophisticated risks and targeting higher-value prizes for their efforts. And, why wouldn’t they? After all, crime goes largely unpunished in liberal areas.

So, organized criminal gangs are taking full advantage – for some, the days of petty smash-and-grabs are long gone.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, KPIX, New York Post, CBS

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