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Wait, What? Now They Want To Let People Switch Genders Every Year?

It is impressive to see German government officials finding time to address transgender concerns in the midst of a war, a gas emergency, food shortages, and a failing economy.

The coalition government in Germany, consisting of Social Democrats, Greens, and Liberals, is preparing a law on the “biological situation”.

On Thursday, the German government unveiled plans to make it easier for Trans people to officially change their first name and gender.

Anyone above the age of 14 will have the option to change their gender and name beginning in the middle of 2023.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann and Family Minister Lisa Paus released a statement on the matter outlining the specifics of the law on “identification.”

The proposed “self-determination” law would replace Germany’s 40-year”transsexual law,” which requires people to go to court and provide two expert reports, usually from psychotherapists, for their first name and gender to be changed on official documents.

Lisa Paus said, “At the time, the state wanted to help people who were considered psychologically ill, and it set high hurdles for this.”

The old procedure is“not just lengthy and expensive, but also deeply humiliating,” she said.

“We live in a free and diverse society that is already further along in many places than our laws are. It’s about time that we adapt the legal framework to societal reality,” she added.

According to the bill, starting next year, everyone will be able to go to the civil registry and change their name and gender. It will not require surgery. So a man says, “I feel like a woman”. The woman will be able to say “write me” and this will be written or vice versa. It is also stated that the other purpose of the law is to prevent discrimination against transgender people, for example, a man who wants to benefit from ‘positive discrimination will now be able to register himself as a woman and he will be treated like a woman.

Buschmann said he expected the coalition government to approve the new legislation before the end of the year. It would then still need to go through parliament.

The transgender debate has become so important in progressive politics and among our governing class, but it’s evolving into a question of civilization. Chaos will undoubtedly result if internal psychological states and subjective feelings come to define society as a whole.

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