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The Fireworks Disaster This Porch Camera Caught Has To Be Seen To Be Believed! [VIDEO]

A terrifying video that has gone viral on Twitter, shows 4th of July fireworks destroying a family’s front yard and driveway.

SimpliSafe, a company that specializes in home security systems, acknowledged the issue and revealed that every one of its security cameras had recorded the incident. Everyone enjoys setting off fireworks to celebrate special occasions, and the Fourth of July was no exception.

The clip, which has been viewed over 25 million times on Twitter after initially being posted on Reddit and subsequently deleted, shows a family gathering outside a backyard to celebrate the Fourth of July, but fireworks had unexpectedly started exploring, forcing them to flee to any available security.

A family grilling in their front yard as viewed by what appears to be a doorbell camera that is said to be from SimpliSafe, (the logo from SimpliSafe can be seen throughout the entire clip). The video shows a few people are speaking and drinking beer while being surrounded by little children. When someone sets off some fireworks while jokingly shouting, “Run!”

The initial few seconds give the impression that nothing will happen. Then, all of a sudden, the audio and video burst into action as the yard is filled with the sound of fireworks. The first firework goes off but sends sparks flying.  Although it appears that lighting them behind the van was a mistake, it still doesn’t appear to be all that bad.

A few seconds later, the entire yard catches fire, and people immediately begin to flee for their lives. Now, every adult and child is scurrying away from the merry mayhem on their own.

It is not clear, however, where or when the viral incident took place if there were any injuries sustained. The Twitter user who uploaded the video clarified that he was in no way related to the individuals in the clip.

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