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What Caused This NYPD Officer To Walk After 20 Years Will Make You…

Two decades and a middle finger.

A 20-year veteran of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) celebrated his recent retirement by criticizing the agency.

Staten Island’s resident Thomas J. Gambardella, 41, officially retired from the military two weeks ago at a monument within the New York Police Department, “Let’s Go Brandon,” rear.

Gambardella initially loved the job but given enough time, he began to resent it.

As the New York Post has previously noted, cops in the crime-ridden city are retiring in droves. Record-setting 2,000 officers have quit the NYPD this year, with more than a thousand retiring and hundreds resigning.

Here’s what Gambardella posted to Facebook at the end of his last day:

“I’m officially retired today! From this sorry excuse of a s–t job. Thank God, I’m free at last!… I loved everyone I worked with and ‘some’ of the people I’ve worked for. But this job is no one’s friend. Time to live free. I’ll see you all out there!” 

From Thomas Gambardella’s Facebook

The detective appears to be one of many lawmen and women who have become disillusioned with soft-on-crime policies in areas under Democrat control, especially in New York with its disastrous catch-and-release, so-called bail reform law.

Here’s what Gambardella, stated:

“I was a true believer,I wasn’t a bag of s–t. I worked some intricate details. I gave a lot of my blood, sweat and tears. But no more.”

“It’s the worst f–king job in the world. They own you. They’re not your friends. All that talk about the ‘big blue family.’ They don’t care. If I die tomorrow they wouldn’t give a sh-t. If I needed something it ain’t gonna happen. I’m better off just saying a prayer.”

Additionally, liberalism’s increasing hostility towards police “disgusted” the decorated officer.

“Crime is soaring and cops are leaving in droves,” Gambardella added. “Anybody can see that. All this liberalism is obviously a failure. But this is what they wanted. It’s a stupid experiment and it’s the people who will pay in the end.”

Gambardella’s retirement post was accompanied by him wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon!” t-shirt while flipping the bird to an NYPD Headquarters memorial.

From Thomas Gambardella’s Facebook

Gambardella, who reportedly made $164K last year, was named Officer of the Year in 2006 when he worked in the 68th precinct in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

He joined the force in July 2002 and recently served in the detective squad at the 70th precinct in Kensington. According to records, Gambardella had 14 complaints lodged against him. He was exonerated in four of these, while six were deemed “unsubstantiated” and one “unfounded”. None of these, however, resulted in disciplinary action.

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