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This Carjacker Just Learned The HARD Way Why Stealing From An Armed Driver Is A Bad Idea!

In American cities, when people frequently elect the same failed leaders, crime is on the rise.

Joe Biden stated that the overabundance of firearms is to blame for the spike in crime. After a deranged shooter murdered 19 children and two adult teachers at a Texas elementary school last month, the Biden administration and Democrats mobilized to capitalize on the tragedy, thinking banning gun laws would prevent crimes.

Well, it’s debatable whether Joe Biden knew where he was when he made that statement because we all knew how buffoon Biden is.

But despite their senseless law, there was one person who was glad he possessed a gun and that it had helped him to stop a crime.

A man tries to carjack his car but failed miserably, the video shows the carjacker lying on the ground with his hands on-air as the man points out his gun, scaring him.

“It’s a stick. Can you even drive a stick?” The owner of the car could hear saying as he waits for the Police to arrive.

However, the bizarre delusion that police push for justifications to shoot people if they have a specific complexion is shared by the leftists who promote the policies that are fueling the increase in crime, but no one got shot, the gunman’s voice sounded like it was coming from dispatch as seen in the video. The man who attempted to jack the wrong car was arrested.

Well, the Democrats’ standard response to acts of violence is that “Gun is the enemy” and that the only way to make a situation more secure is to outlaw guns in it.

Not supposing that illicit gun ownership will end regardless of what the government says.

But what will happen if the other person has a gun and you don’t if they keep pushing their gun ban bill? Who will turn the tide?

More importantly, the Second Amendment advocate is clearly the hero in this situation, in order to stop the carjacking.

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