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Republican Lawmaker’s Home Hit By Disgusting Arson Attempt!

The saga of violent pro-abortion extremists continues…Conservatives’ voices are not safe anymore under Joe Biden’s America.

On early Monday morning, trouble broke out at the office of state representative Andrew Barkis in Olympia, Washinton. Two suspects were captured on security camera footage approaching the office, smashing out a window with a hammer, and throwing a flaming object into the office.

Fortunately, the floor inside of the building was made of masonry and the fire didn’t spread very far, but it was an obvious case of firebombing and arson.

Barkis is a vocal pro-life representative, and this is the 17th incident of arson or firebombing that’s been recorded since the leak of the pending Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court.

Last week, an assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his home was thwarted by the presence of U.S. Marshals guarding his home.

Watch the horrific video footage below:

More details of this horrific incident from reported by Yakima Herald-Republic:

Wilcox told McClatchy Monday that neither he nor Barkis believe it was random vandalism because he thinks a hammer and a flare aren’t just something people have with them. Wilcox said they are unsure why they were targeted.

Another incident last week is concerning for Wilcox, he said. Last Friday a shooting occurred outside the home of Rep. Peter Abbarno, a Republican from Centralia. Wilcox does not believe the incidents are connected and he does not believe the shooting was directed at Abbarno.

Both incidents have been reported to the Washington State Patrol. The Olympia Police Department was also contacted about Monday’s incident. Wilcox said he sent an email out to his colleagues to tell them to keep an eye out for their families right now. He said he informed his legislative assistant as well as the House Republican Chief of Staff to be aware of the situation.

Sources: WLT, Yakima Herald-Republic

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