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Judgement Day For Woke Capital Is About To Be Here…

According to a new business index released on Thursday, corporate America dislikes the First Amendment.

In a press release, the Viewpoint Diversity Score, which is a collaboration between the legal nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom and Christian financial firm Inspire Investing, examines 50 Fortune 1000 companies to determine “corporate respect for religious and ideological diversity.”

Software and internet services, in particular, scored poorly, with 6 percent and 7%, respectively. For example, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, received a 9 percent overall rating— 13 percent for promoting diversity in the public square, 12 percent in the workplace, and a pitiful 3% in the market.

In a recent poll of American investors conducted on behalf of The Daily Wire by Echelon Insights, respondents want companies to stop preaching and focus on profits. While 29% of respondents agreed that companies should use their financial power for political or social causes supported by executives, 58 percent — more than twice as many — said it is a “bad thing.”

When investors were asked to determine the motives of companies that take positions on political or social issues, 56 percent said the companies are simply “trying to appease their critics,” while 34 percent said the companies genuinely “believe it’s the right thing.” When companies do take positions on issues, 36 percent said the positions are “too liberal,” while 17 percent said they are “too conservative.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, a self-made multimillionaire who founded a biotech company at the age of 28, explained that there is a “difference” between individual investors and investment firms  — and the former is tired of the latter tipping the scales of the political debate without their consent, the Daily Wire reports.

The bestselling author and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy joined hosts John Bickley and Georgia Howe on Friday’s episode of the “Morning Wire,” podcast.

“This is not a right or left-wing issue, that’s why you see a two-to-one ratio here,” Ramaswamy explained.

The former pharmaceutical executive told The Daily Wire, “The data are clear: everyday investors want companies to focus on creating shareholder value by delivering excellent products and services to their customers, not on advancing social or political agendas.”

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