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He Put His Company On The Line AGAINST The Trans Agenda!

Egard Watches, a Florida-based boutique timepiece and jewelry firm founded by Mr. Srulovicz, posted a digital ad last week called “What Is a Woman” that takes issue with biological males in women’s athletics.

“How long do we sit idly by and not stand for the sacred value of womanhood as it loses all meaning?” says the two-minute spot. “Because we believe that womanhood is a birthright.”

Mr. Srulovicz, an actor and filmmaker known for questioning the woke corporate culture, stated in a statement that the ad aims to advocate for women.

Srulovicz told The Western Journal:

”We made the video because we felt it absolutely necessary at this time to support women, Three years ago we made an ad called ‘What Is a Man?’ in support of masculinity. Since then womanhood has been under attack and even erased to some extent.

“It seems as though corporate America is catering to the trend and unwilling to speak up for women, so we decided to put out a video hoping that it would be a door opening for other companies to walk through.”

Posing the same question that stumped newly named Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Srulovicz reminded viewers that overthinking a simple binary between men and women has negative effects.

One of those outcomes is the deterioration of women’s athletics as biological men, such as Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, enter sports leagues and associations that have traditionally split competition between both genders.

Egard’s latest Womanhood ad gave viewers a simple questionnaire in confusing times:

  • “What is a woman?”
  • “Is women’s history of achievements quickly being erased?”
  • “Is a woman a feminine force of nature?”
  • “Is a woman a sister, a daughter, a mother? Is a woman the wonder of childbirth?”
  • “Is a woman a warrior who fought for her place?”

Srulovicz believes that by using his brand to commemorate the differences between men and women, more Americans can wake up and challenge the dangerous precedent set by blurring the line between the two.

The Egard CEO said, “We crafted an ad campaign that celebrates our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters, and everything they represent to paint a stark contrast to the lies we are all being told, the push for Transgender rights is no longer about equality, it’s now a cleverly-crafted lie that comes at the expense of women. We ask all Americans to join us to speak truth.”

Watch it here: Youtube/Egard Watches

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