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They Are Using SNAKES To Spread COVID Through Water Supply…

A new theory has emerged that COVID-19 is caused by snake venom and not by a virus that is used to poison and turn people into satanic hybrids, according to a post that was viral on social media.

The claim was made in a video that was first published on Rumble on April 11 titled ‘Live World Premiere: Watch The Water’.

Dr. Bryan Ardis revealed a startling link between the epidemic and the eternal fight between good and evil that began in the Garden of Eden in the video.

According to Lead Stories, Ardis asked, “The pandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the Satanic elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time?”

Excerpt from the Infowars report:

The nearly hour-long conversation between Peters and the doctor was posted online on Monday, exposing an important topic that receives little attention.

Essentially, after realizing how odd it was that antivenom medicines like monoclonal antibodies were effectively treating Covid, Dr. Ardis began questioning the narrative that the virus originated from a bat in a Chinese wet market.

“Is Covid a venom, and this is why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies?” Dr. Ardis asked.

To answer this question, Dr. Ardis sought out establishment media “fact-checkers” to see if they were attempting to discredit any claims that the source of Covid-19 was a snake and not a bat.

A quick internet search reveals plenty of mainstream media publications admitting at the onset of the Covid outbreak that it may have been derived from snakes.

Ardis also claimed that Fauci’s memo on remdesivir was fake, claiming that he knew the doctor was lying about the medicine from the start. He further stated that he was aware that remdesivir will be used to murder a large number of innocent people in the United States who did not need to die.

Ardis even went on to say that remdesivir is deadly for people as he claimed that the remdesivir targets specific organs in the body.

He also attempted to draw a link between COVID-19 and snake venom, stating that he was concerned when the US suspended monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID in late March 2022 and then fully ceased them in early April 2022.

Ardis backed up his assertions with research from the University of Arizona, Stony Brook University, and Wake Forest School of Medicine.

He tried to equate the neurotoxins in rattlesnake venom to the enzymes found in those who died from COVID. With this claim, he pressed that COVID-19 is not a virus, it’s snake venom.

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