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He Took His Drone Up In The Air And Found An Amazing Abandoned Village!

A ghost village was discovered at the Spanish-Portuguese border after a drought drained a dam and was captured using drone footage.

The details 15% of its capacity of the reservoir of the life frozen in 1992 after the Aceredo village in Spain’s northwestern Galicia region was flooded to create the Alto Lindoso reservoir was returned back to life once more. The horrible drought slowly made the village rise as the water level dropped.

“It’s as if I’m watching a movie. I have a feeling of sadness,” said Maximino Perez Romero, 65, of A Coruna. “My feeling is that this is what will happen over the years due to drought and all that, with climate change.”

Images show a disarray village, collapsed roofs, houses, bricks, and other building material that once supported walls, all lay strewn across the area.

The eerie ruins have drawn swathes of tourists, with much uncovering debris that once made up doors or beams while searching under half-collapsed roofs, or stacks of bottles outside the shell of what used to be a cafe.

Among the debris is an old drinking water fountain with water still running from the pipe and an old car rusting next to a derelict wall.

There are rusted cars, shoes, and crates of empty beer bottles, creating a bittersweet nostalgia for many who used to know the place before it was intentionally flooded.

A lot of tourists have taken photos of the ghost village and shared them online, along with their sentiments regarding the site.

One of the people who posted online was Paulo Ramalheira Teixeira who said “A few days ago I went to visit the village of Aceredo, in the Galiza region, since 1992, you haven’t seen the village that was submerged by the construction of the Lindoso dam in Alto Minho. They even left a car there.

“It is a heartbreaking sight to see how everything has turned out and no water to feed the dam. This situation deserves deep reflection from all of us. To anyone who intends to visit that territory, be careful with the floor, because I’ve seen cars driving in places where water has been flowing for 30 years and it doesn’t offer great security.”

One Professional photographer Pedro Couto also shared black-and-white photos of the ghost village and captioned “On my visit to the village of Aceredo, I couldn’t help but think about who lived there, in the stunning landscape of the mountains, and was forced to leave.”

“The ruins, spotted by drought, are full of tiny details that show the past. Just the little plumber brought back to life. The silence was only filled by the singing of birds and the flowing of the water.”

According to Reuters, EDP said the low reservoir levels were due to the drought but added it was managing water resources “efficiently” and that these were above the minimum requirements.

It comes after a number of villages in Spain complained last year over the use of the dams after a rapid draw-down from a lake by Iberdrola in western Spain. EDP responded by saying it was following the rules.

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