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The Police Theory On Bob Saget’s Death Is Absolutely Wild…

The sudden passing of Comedian Bob Saget may have been very sad for most of his fans yet the theories circulating around his death are getting bizarre every day.

When the family claimed that their beloved Bob have peacefully died of a heart attack in his sleep, but later on, the authorities have claimed that it was not a regular death after the autopsy report indicated a severe skull fracture may have caused his passing.

Later on, the family of the comedian has filed a lawsuit attempting to block the release of records related to the investigation into the comedian’s death.

The wife Kelly Rizzo and his daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer — are suing the medical examiner’s office and the Orange County sheriff, according to documents obtained by ET on Tuesday, seeking an injunction in an effort to prevent the release of records that may contain photos, videos or audio recordings related to his death.

The lawsuit states, “Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress if Defendants release the Records in response to public records requests or otherwise disseminate the Records for any other reason or purpose.”

Meanwhile, police have a new theory on what they think happened to Bob Saget while he was alone in his hotel room claiming that Bob smacked his head on the wooden headboard.

As conspiracy theories swirl over the sudden death of comedian Bob Saget at 65, authorities now think his extensive skull injuries were caused “by something connected to the bed according to Daily Wire.

And TMZ added that “Our sources say the authorities say it’s most likely Bob struck a portion of the bed’s headboard that is not padded and we’re told it’s wood, and the best guess is he hit his head. Since he was under the covers, they believe he quickly lost consciousness. What’s interesting … although authorities on the scene felt the headboard scenario was the most likely, the Medical Examiner never mentioned it” in the official autopsy.

Watch it here: Youtube/Grunge

The new theory is more likely after Dr. Jeffrey Bazarian said that Bob’s skull fracture is “like an egg cracking, You hit it in one spot, it can crack from the back to the front.”

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Daily Wire, TMZ


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