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They Were Given A FREE HOME By The Government, What They Told Them Is Sickening!

Even though they were given a free home by the government, the next thing they did was totally sickening! The politicians are regretting this decision, that is for certain.

This was a family of ten and they were presented with a 5-bedroom home completely free of charge from the British Government, but they immediately turned down this generous gift. Apparently, this large refugee family had a simple request for taxpayers even though they already receive as much as $50,000 in benefits.

Arnold Mballe Sube and his wife Jeanne were both born in Cameroon, and living in Britain means that they can pursue the ultimate dream for their family. However, they didn’t think that this pursuit was going to mean them struggling to provide for the basic needs of their eight children and possibly more in the future.

Indeed, they were only in the country for a few weeks, but they had already blown through $20,000 in personal savings just on rent alone because they were paying for a home that they couldn’t possibly afford.

The Subes quickly discovered that there are all kinds of benefits available to immigrants, and so they quickly applied to every welfare that they could possibly apply for. Soon, this family was receiving as much as $1,650 per month for their rent and more than $57,000 annually for all of their other basic needs. Even with that tremendous amount, they decided that it still wasn’t enough for their family-of-10 to get by.

They would eventually apply for a government-funded home, and that is when the Sube family was offered several different apartments at no cost by the Luton Borough Council. However, it was when the family was given a 5-bedroom house that they had something completely unexpected to say about it.

The family of ten rejected the offering, saying that it would be “too cramped.” There you have it, folks. This five-bedroom house is “too cramped.”

Instead of being grateful for such a large house, they instead insisted that the taxpayers should get them a house with at least six double-sized bedrooms so that they could house their children.

The council did the best they could to accommodate their request, even offering three more houses before the family finally settled on a six-bedroom house worth $550,000. Their new home has a detached property with four double bedrooms, a garden, a garage, and a driveway, and this would cost the average U.K. around $19,000 a year in rent. What’s more, the Subes haven’t ruled out having more kids since they are living on the dole anyway.

Naturally, the house is considered a “lovely estate” by the locals, but considering that this family was given a free home by the government, you can bet they won’t appreciate it like someone who worked for it would. This move has caused some locals to be outraged, with many calling it “unfair” that they were given a free home by the British Government.

One neighbor told the Sun: “If you have eight kids you should not expect to be bailed out. The father has played the system and won. They are extremely fortunate. This is a lovely estate. Parents are desperate to move here.”

Of course, Mr. Sube claimed that he had worked two jobs at one point and still couldn’t provide for his family of eight, but that still doesn’t stop some people, even British politicians, from thinking that this refugee family has “abused the system.” Who is right here?

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