They Told His Daughter She Was REALLY A Boy, What He Did Next….

They told this man’s daughter that she was really a boy, and what the man did next would really surprise a lot of people…

Apparently, this Florida man is now suing school officials because he is linking a suicide attempt by his 12-year-old daughter to the alleged gender identity counseling that she had received from the school officials.

The Child and Parental Rights Campaign filed this lawsuit on behalf of the parent against the Clay County Schools and their Superintendent Davis Broskie. Other co-defendants in the suit included Paterson Elementary School Principal John O’Brian, Assistant Principal Courtney Schumacher, and school counselor Destiney Washington.

This lawsuit is alleging that the girl underwent weekly meetings with Washington over her supposed “gender identity crisis” but her father, who is named Wendell but who is not sharing his full identity out of respect for family privacy, was never told of these things.

Wendell is also alleging that the reason the school didn’t tell him that his daughter was having these sessions was because he is Catholic and school officials were trying to protect her confidentiality.

The complaint is also claiming that school officials encouraged the girl’s classmates to refer to her as a boy and gave her a male name.

According to the lawsuit, this resulted in an increase in bullying.

Things got so bad that the “distress escalated to the point of attempting suicide at school,” which the girl attempted at least twice.

The lawsuit accuses the school of “intentionally and recklessly withholding information” based upon “alleged ‘confidentiality rights.’”

In their report regarding the lawsuit, WJAX-TV did quote the father but they withheld his name.

“It was a nightmare for us,” he said, adding that he was irked that they cited his faith as a barrier to telling him what was taking place.

“I took offense because that had nothing to do with it. I mean I don’t even know if she understands our faith. That demonstrated she was ignorant about it. Our faith is one of unconditional love for our children,” he said.

Vernadette Broyles, president of the Child and Parental Rights Campaign and the attorney representing the family, said that the suit is meant to “protect the rights of parents to be able to raise their children, to direct the care of their child, in accordance with their faith and without the interference of government officials.”

“It is a serious mental health decision that school personnel are not qualified, not competent, and not authorized to make,” she said. “Parents must be involved in these important decisions.”

They filed the suit Monday in federal court, and Clay County Schools continued to claim that no staff member had done anything wrong.

“The district has performed a thorough and complete investigation into this matter as it was presented to us and has determined that the allegations made by this out-of-state organization are completely false, fabricated, and appear to be intended solely for the purpose of inciting the public,” the statement said. “All employees of the district consistently work to ensure that the best interests of all students are served. The district will have no further comment on this matter.”

Broyles also noted that when schools take the place of parents and claim that a girl is really a boy, then this is a case where there is a need for Florida House Bill 1557, which would prohibit school districts from withholding information parents about a child’s mental health and ban any type of classroom discussion on gender identity.

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