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What They Are Now Using The J6 Witch Hunt For Is….

We know from the start that Dems are using the January 6 incident for their own gain. It’s part of their election machinery to stop Republicans from running the office.

But no matter how hard they tried to destroy Trump, this man is as hard as a diamond, the damage only reflects those who throw dirt at him.

With Biden’s jaw-dropping poll results, more Americans agree that he is illegitimate President of the United States and in terms of numbers, that’s 71% approval that he is not legit. I mean, how bad is that?

And there goes the January 6 Committee doing whatever they can to protect their president, doing their best to dig in more propaganda against former President Donald Trump.

But then, Ray Epps, one of the FBI’s most wanted listee has recently got removed from the list and he may just be a major key to the deep state conspiracy.

NPR reported:

Four lawyers associated with former President Trump’s false claims of election fraud in 2020 have been issued subpoenas by the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.

Then they tried to comprise seven rabid Democrats and two virulently anti-Trump Republicans and obtained phone records for Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Imagine what they can do, right? Well, at least they are surely in trouble in the coming elections.

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