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This Delivery Driver Exposed What Happens When You Don’t Tip…

This delivery driver is taking a brave stand and discussing what happens when you don’t tip them for their hard work!

Throughout this pandemic, food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grub Hub and DoorDash have helped be a connection for those that might be isolated at home with some of the sustenance that they desperately need. People are even able to order supplies and snacks from major drug store retailers and convenience stores through these apps.

DoorDash pays drivers a base rate per order, and so the more orders they deliver, the more money they get paid by the company. There are times when the company offers promotions to help incentivize these individuals and get them to work even faster. Yes, that means more money in their pocket if the drivers follow through with the promotion, but DoorDash doesn’t pay their drivers that much money to begin with. This is why these hardworking people rely on tips to make ends meet.

The food delivery app does not require customers to leave a tip for the driver. However, there is an option to tip the driver ahead of time, and that might be a good idea once you hear one DoorDash worker’s take on it.

One Dasher even turned to TikTok to explain just how important it is to place the tip WHEN YOU PLACE THE ORDER. What happens when you don’t tip upfront? Well, as this driver explained it, that means that your order will get put on the back burner.

He went on to explain that they are not employees of DoorDash, but nothing more than independent contractors, meaning that they are expected to cover their own expenses as they make their way to your destination.

Dashers can choose whether they want to take a job or not, and they often will pass on it if you don’t provide a tip. Why should they work their butts off to bring your food to you when you won’t even provide a tip? There you go…that’s what happens when you don’t tip.

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