There’s Something Extremely Sketchy Happening At The Clinton Foundation!

There’s something extremely sketchy happening at the Clinton Foundation, but what else is new? This is Bill and Hillary…

While we are busy worrying about the dumpster fire that is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we naturally have not been paying attention to the Clinton Foundation, but we should have been. Something very curious is going on over there.

It looks like the Clinton Foundation is now a shell of its former self.

If we rewind back to when Bill and Hillary were tops names in presidential politics, this husband-and-wife team was raking in the cash.

However, if we fast forward from 2016 to today, this duo has now become less relevant and they really do not have any power to “sell” anything, and that has caused the foundation to dry up.

Western Journal is now reporting that this organization seems to be losing much of its fundraising power simply due to the fact that Hillary Clinton gracelessly made her exit from presidential politics in 2016 after her shocking loss to Donald Trump in that tumultuous election. Indeed, during her concession speech, she looked like she had gotten the wind knocked out of her.

While there is no question that the Clintons continue to remain power players on the stage known as presidential politics, this 2016 defeat almost certainly sealed off any chance at all of Hillary returning to the presidential politics field. (Of course, Bill is limited by the 22nd Amendment limiting presidents to just two terms, leaving him out of the presidential stakes completely)

Naturally, the foundation is blaming the lag in donations on – what else? – the pandemic, but that is simply just doublespeak for what the REAL cause just might be. You see, while it’s possible that the tremendous lag in donations going to the foundation could be caused by the pandemic, it started long before that, right after Hillary’s crushing defeat to become president. Of course, behind the scenes, this narcissistic woman was crying in her proverbial beer and saying that it was her turn to be president, and the will of the voters was nothing more than a formality.

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