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He Saw A Jeep Parked At Walmart For Weeks, Then He Walked Up To It!

Walmart and Target stores in Altoona have always been the location of one of the Iowa citizen Jake Holloway whenever he went shopping for a few weeks. And every time he went there he seems to observe something odd in the parking lot.

Holloway always noticed a silver Jeep Wrangler in the parking lot for the few weeks he went shopping. The sticker at the back of the jeep made him decide to take more and closer look inside the jeep. The sticker in the vehicle window indicated a few words that made him decide to look more “I Served” in Iraq.

“I don’t know this guy from Adam, and I don’t know his whole story,” Jake said. “There’s been a silver Jeep Wrangler in the Walmart and Target parking lot in Altoona for the last few weeks. It moves from time to time back and forth. I noticed an ‘I served’ Iraq sticker in the back window, and I finally got the nerve to stop.”

He couldn’t look away anymore and stopped to talk to the veteran, whose name was Nick. Nick was kind enough to explain to Jack everything about himself. His story is very sad.

Nick has been serving in Iraq as a US soldier. He has been in Iraq four times and defended the nation’s interests. However, Nick told Jack that his wife left him after the fourth tour. This led to losing everything he had, except his Jeep and his dog.

This situation ruined him. With all those existential problems and the emotional breakdown, Nick had nowhere to go. He has been sleeping in his Jeep for some time.

Even though he had a job at the Department of Transportation, he hasn’t been paid off yet. That even increased his problems.

This touched Jack very deeply. Aware of Nick’s problems and needs, he decided to help him out. As soon as Jack went back home, he posted this story on Facebook. The help of the community was needed.

“Told him I liked his Jeep. He liked my Toyota,” Jake said.

“And, I asked him if he was alright. He told me his name was Nick and after he had got back from overseas his wife left him and left him with his Jeep and his dog. He’s got no money and broke as a joke. Told me he just got a job at the DOT but hasn’t been paid yet. Said he had started selling things off the Jeep to have any money at all.”

He continued, “It broke my heart. If you wanna do something for someone out of pure selflessness, please…,” Jake said, imploring others to help. “If you see him. Out of the kindness of your heart. Do something nice for him or his best friend (the boxer dog). Few bucks. A gift. Some dog food. That’s my request. Makes me sick to see a soldier on the street.”

Jack’s post really hit many in their heart and the community responded in a big way.

Apparently, Nick’s tragic situation made the good people of Altoona sick as well.

Within just a few hours, people had shown up to give Nick money, gift cards, and dog food.

Homelessness is an issue that plagues the whole community, but it especially hurt my heart when homelessness affects our veterans who gave their all for our country.

Veterans who have been fighting for the nation deserve more financial and moral support. They gave everything just to serve the country. Therefore, they deserve to be socially and financially secured as our payback to their contribution.

Being a veteran and homeless is not just unfair, but even depressing. Imagine the pain those veterans feel. Their sacrifice for the nation’s well-being led them to the streets.

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