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ALERT: A New COVID Lab Leak Has Just Taken Place!

Oh boy, it looks like there are some initial reports coming out of China that there has been YET ANOTHER lab leak!

According to a press release just received on November 12, 2021, there is reason to believe that there has been a presumed laboratory leak of COVID-19 at East China University of Science and Technology. Could this be the precursor of yet another outbreak? It’s hard to say, but it is definitely very ominous for sure.

Now, of course, this press release was originally issued in the Chinese language, but a cursory analysis of the above would indicate that this Chinese University has now been closed due to the new COVID-19 strain possibly being released, and now, the whole school has to be tested. Oh boy…..

Allegedly, these laboratory workers had tested positive for COVID-19 after conducting experimentation where they inserted COVID-19 genetic material into the bacterium known as E.coli in an effort to create an expression vector for the COVID-19 proteins.

Indeed, there were so many Chinese laboratory workers that were infected with COVID-19 that the East China University of Science and Technology had to be closed. Of course, this is China we are talking about, so what do you think happened right about that?

Well, if you guessed that the Chinese source discovered that all mention of this event on social media had been completely removed by the Chinese authorities, then congratulations, you have won the $64,000 question.

It isn’t entirely in which laboratory the alleged COVID-19 leak occurred, but one thing is for certain: the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, Newworld Institute of Biotechnology at East China University of Science and Technology, and particularly the university of Dong-Zhi Wei, is just one entity out of many within China that is known for using E.coli testing as an expression vector.


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