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This Music Legend Spoke Out Against Vaccines, What They Did To Him Is Sickening!

Anyone who goes against tyrant Joe’s vaccine mandates will get into trouble and it’s a known fact. The same thing goes with another foreign country that takes advantage of this COVID thing to gain total control over people’s personal lives.

And their latest target is Legendary musician Van Morrison, who is now being prosecuted by the government for speaking out against the vaccine and COVID restrictions.

Recently, Van Morrison was sued by Health Minister after Covid’s criticism and pandemic restrictions.

It was remembered that Morrison have branded Robin Swann “very dangerous at a function hall at Belfast’s Europa Hotel.

Not only Morrison has been defamed for this, but he is also being sued by Health Minister Swann, saying that the Legendary musician was ‘bizarre and irresponsible’ for saying such a thing.

Irish Post reported:

“Mr. Morrison has consistently campaigned for the relaxation of the Coronavirus Regulations, believing them to be unlawful insofar as they imposed a blanket ban on the ability of all musicians to perform life music, thereby endangering their livelihoods.

“Such was his strength of feeling on the matter that he instructed this firm in June 2021 to issue a High Court challenge to the legality of those Regulations, arguing that they were unlawful.

“It was only after he brought those proceedings that the Regulations were relaxed by the Assembly, thereby preventing the need for a determination of the issue by the High Court.”

Morrison’s lawyer, Joe Rice has announced that his client, Van Morrison and he, will be contesting the claim and arguing “that the words used by him related to a matter of public interest and constituted fair comment.”

Now, think about your freedom again. Whether you fight or go along with the government, you are getting fucked one way or another.

He also wrote a popular song entitled “Stand And Deliver,” which was sung by another pro-freedom artist, Eric Clapton.

Watch it here: The state51 Conspiracy/Youtube

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