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Why Did Crooked Newsom Suddenly Cancel His Appearances After The COVID Booster?

Gavin Newsom got the COVID booster shot in late October, but now all of a sudden it’s like he has dropped off the planet completely…

The dominant question on everyone’s mind these days in the Golden State can be summed up in just three words: “Where’s. Gavin. Newsom?” The man got a COVID-19 booster shot, and that’s all well and good. That’s totally up to him if he wants to do that. However, the weird thing is that for some reason the man totally dropped off the radar after getting this booster shot. Seriously, what was THAT all about? Did he have a bad reaction to the shot?

Whatever it might be, the current governor of the People’s Republic of California is not talking about it. That doesn’t stop people from wondering about it though…

So, let’s just cut to the chase here. Just where, pray tell, has Gavin Newsom been these past couple of weeks?

Considering how much these far-left individuals have been parroting the extreme necessity of getting the vaccine and the booster shots, you would think that someone like Gavin Newsom would be shouting the fact that he got the shot (and that it isn’t negatively affecting him) from the rooftops.

Unless, of course, IT IS negatively affecting him and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

The plot thickens a bit when you become aware of the fact that Newsom abruptly cancelled a trip to Scotland and he hasn’t been seen since getting that COVID booster shot.

Moreover, the California governor was also supposed to make a virtual appearance at the climate summit but he called that off as well.

The Associated Press reported that Newsom was dealing with “family issues”, whatever that means.

AP reported:

A week after abruptly canceling plans to attend the United Nations climate summit in Scotland, California Gov. Gavin has receded from public view to deal with unspecific family obligations.

When the surprising announcement was made Oct. 29, his office said Newsom planned to participate virtually in the conference this week. But he did not. Spokesperson Erin Mellon now says he will appear virtually next week.

Newsom’s last public appearance was Oct. 27, when he received a coronavirus booster shot. His office did not respond to questions Friday about what the governor has been doing this week.

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