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What Small Business Owners Said About Biden’s Supply Chain Problems Explains It All!

We all have Christmas wish lists and maybe some of you are yet to make it. However, as we prepare our lists, the majority of the American small companies are just wishing one thing —  that is to stay afloat amid providing chain crunches that are making their lives an ongoing struggle.

Curtis McGill, the co-founder of Hey Buddy Hey Pal, a small business in Amarillo, Texas, that makes Christmas ornament decorating kits, said the supply chain crisis has really put a lot of small businesses in a pinch and that it could literally put some of them out of business.

NBC News reported on Monday that roughly half of the nation’s small businesses say supply chain problems are “significantly” affecting their operations, and nearly 70 percent expect nothing will get better on President Joe Biden’s watch over the next six months,

Watch it here: Youtube/NBCNews

Sarah McDonald, co-owner of Out There Outfitters, another small business owner from Wayne, Pennsylvania said that they are at the whim of a broken supply chain.

Even the small enterprise homeowners say the retail world is a battleground through which giants like Walmart have an edge.

Kimberley Smith, chief provide chain officer for Everlane, an attire firm in San Francisco stated:

“The factories are backed up and it’s a battle for capability, with the larger guys providing incentives and donations, saying, ‘I’ll offer you an additional $5 apiece to place my orders in entrance.”

However, Jason Miller, a supply chain and logistics professor at Michigan State University said that Everlane’s experience is not unique.

According to his post:

“There is no question: Smaller mom-and-pop retailers without much-negotiating power are being most impacted in every way. They’re paying the highest prices and having to wait for the longest,”

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