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What This FIRED Border Patrol Chief Said About Vaccine Mandates Is Chilling! 

This FIRED border patrol chief is not going gently into the night. He not only has several opinions about border control but vaccine mandates!

This gentleman’s comments are coming at a time when border security has now been deemed as “worse than ever”, and it has led retired Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott to warn that nearly half of the United States’ Border Patrol could ultimately end up being terminated due to the COVID-19 mandate being enforced by President Joe Biden.

Scott had long established himself as a 29-year veteran of the United States Customs and Border Protection, and he noted that he had been pushed out of that position by the Biden Administration last June after objecting to the Biden immigration policies. Simply put, Scott felt that President Biden’s policies were only making the border less secure and were only going to lead to a total lack in national security. Scott sat down for an interview with conservative TV host Glenn Beck and said that the state of the United States-Mexican border had deteriorated tremendously since Biden took office, and it could get EVEN WORSE if border patrol agents have their positions terminated due to failure to comply with the vaccine mandate.

According to Scott, there are at least 10,000 agents that are “on the chopping block right now” simply due to the fact that only 52% of border control agents have alerted the government to their vaccination status. The remaining 48% are either not vaccinated or are simply choosing not to share their vaccination status with Uncle Sam. Scott told Beck that this mandate has caused a “huge problem” and that there are even plenty of agents going through a “nightmare” trying to obtain a religious exemption so they don’t have to take the shot.

He also gave a brutal characterization of the Biden Administration, noting their “hypocrisy” for requiring their Border Patrol get COVID vaccinations, yet at the same time allowing “hundreds, if not thousands of illegal aliens being released into the U.S.” and “they’re never COVID-tested by the federal government.”

“They’re supposedly COVID-tested by non-governmental agencies helping them get to their final destination, but no vaccine mandate because it’s not legal. You can’t force it on them,” said Scott.

President Biden announced the administration of new regulations in September that were designed to require federal workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as well as requiring employees in the private sector that work for an organization of 100 or more to get vaccinated as a requirement to keep their jobs. This mandate is likely to affect 100 million Americans; it has already caused several industries to encounter staffing shortages as workers who are hesitant to get the vaccine either quit or are terminated from their positions.

Plenty of GOP lawmakers have spoken out against the Biden mandate, raising the alarm that there would likely be thousands of Border Patrol agents that would leave their positions on the southern border and exacerbate the illegal immigration problem even further.

Last Tuesday, 62 GOP House members penned a letter to Biden where they urged him to suspend the vaccine mandate for border patrol agents. Considering that there have been a record 1.7 million encounters at the border so far in 2021, Border Patrol agents are definitely overwhelmed as it is.

“Despite these staffing issues, thousands of Border Patrol agents are at risk of losing their jobs because of your ill-conceived policy,” the Republicans wrote. “This mandate is wholly incongruent with the principles of individual choice and medical freedom, puts families in our districts at risk of financial ruin, and threatens our national security by flooding our communities with undocumented, unvetted migrants.”

Additionally, last Thursday, National Border Council President Brandon Judd told Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee), Mike Braun (R-Indiana), and Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) the U.S. is “in the largest border security crisis that we’ve ever faced in our nation’s history.”

“We can’t afford to lose any of our employees. One would be too many,” Judd said while he was speaking at a press conference by an organization named Blackburn for the Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act. This was a bill that would prevent “essential workers” such as federal law enforcement agents from being relieved of their position because they refused to get vaccinated.

Judd also noted that there were well over 6,000 CBP employees who had requested an exemption to the vaccine mandate.

When he explained the severity of the crisis to Glenn Beck, Scott called out the Biden Administration’s policies because they have actually made the border less than it was even under the Obama Administration! He used Biden’s order to stop the construction of the border wall as just one example of this president’s damaging and wasteful policies.

“That new border wall was replacing barriers that had been built in 2006 and even before that were predated, but they were still there. But to replace them, you had to remove them,” said Scott. “So now the border has more vulnerabilities than ever before because construction stopped midstream.”

Scott told Beck that he believes the Biden Administration forced him to resign because he was objecting to policies that he felt were weakening the overall state of border security and he was not comfortable with misleading both the public and lawmakers alike about the true state of the border.

“I sat in meetings, and this was part of the reason that I ended up retired, I believe, and pushed back about press releases that were going out. Everything from the numbers of people that were being released into the U.S., the COVID testing. I was on calls where individuals at DHS told a congressional representative that everybody being released in a certain geographic area on the border was being COVID-tested, which they were trying to put a plan in place to do that,” said Scott.

“Not a single one of them was being COVID-tested. So I had to go behind the scenes and fix that and make sure that representative knew what the truth was. But there were too many issues like that where people were saying, government officials, new political appointees, were saying things they wanted to be true, but they weren’t true yet. And I just could not support that.”

Scott also emphasized that even though he believes that the wall and the issues with illegal immigration are important, one of the main national security threats would be the mass migration on the southern border and how it “overwhelms the Border Patrol agents”, creates a strain on the resources of the federal government, allows drug cartels and human trafficking to flourish, and even makes it easier for terrorist groups to come to the United States undetected.

It’s a serious problem, and President Biden seems either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.


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