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Kayleigh McEnany Just Ripped Biden’s Gatekeeper To Pieces!

Kayleigh McEnany just pointed out the hypocrisy of Biden’s regime and slammed his gatekeeper in a new one.

“Jen Psaki promised us a daily White House press briefing. There isn’t one today. There wasn’t one Monday.” Kayleigh questioned Psaki’s integrity.

Americans just want to know the truth. And if the truth will get the administration removed from its power, then that’s just too bad. The Biden administration was only installed by a few powerful people and was never elected by the majority.

As we all know, the Biden administration and Psaki do things but refuse to talk about them. However, if they do, they make a lot of diversions.

The former press secretary got after Jen Psaki for not talking about what’s going on. Kayleigh even pointed out that the government is not doing its job and that they say something prepared and then run away.

“When the going gets tough, the daily press briefing that she promised goes out the window,” Kayleigh criticized Psaki.

As we all know, Kayleigh is unafraid to point out the differences between this administration and Trump’s. Biden administration will say one thing and do another. Just like Obama.

When a Pentagon briefing was offered, it yielded very little results. Kayleigh was frantic as nobody knows anything. Even the Press Secretary John Kirby couldn’t answer some of the most pressing questions. Just like when asked how many American citizens were trapped in Afghanistan, the Press Secretary just said “I don’t know”

“When you are a press secretary at any entity, you anticipate whatever the questions will be,” McEnany lit into him, “One of the most obvious questions is how many Americans are on the ground. He didn’t take up the time to pick up the phone and call Secretary of State Antony Blinken and get that number for us when you are the one place we are getting information from today when there are nearly 15,000 American hostages on the ground? And the Pentagon spokesperson could not pick up the phone and Jen Psaki won’t go to the podium to give us these very basic answers we deserve.” Kayleigh 

Source: News Hour First

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